Joe Giudice’s Temper Scares People On & Off Camera

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joe giudiceLooks like Joe Giudice's brash, bully-like behavior isn't just for The Real Housewives of New Jersey cameras. This guy really scares people. Among the many he's supposedly menaced? His former business partner Joe Mastropole. So what did Teresa's man do to leave this man shaking in his boots?

According to Mastropole's attorney Monica Chacon, he used scare tactics to intimidate them both. He supposedly blew out seven windows of her offices the same day they filed a motion against him in court. But before you worry about whether Juicy Joe has gone all Sopranos on us, wait until you hear what he allegedly used -- a slingshot and marbles

Here we thought that he saved his fury for brother-in-law Joe Gorga. A couple seasons ago, they got into a fight during a christening party. And just last week the pair threw blows at one another during a family therapy session. It's clear that Joe Giudice is a bit of a hot head. He has a low tolerance for anyone else's bulls**t but his own. But I didn't expect him to go all Godfather-light.

Even if it was just a few windows smashed with what is essentially a children's toy, it can be a frightening thing to the victims. If Joe did what Chacon claims, there is no doubt that he was in the wrong. But the bigger lesson goes to his former business partner -- turn on Joe Giudice and you better watch your back.

Do you think Joe is intimidating?


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Cindy Main

Lol~7 windows! Well I gotta say if my man came home and told me he took out 7 windows with a sling shot I would have died laughing!

Princess Harjit Rita Singh-May

Joe Guidice is pure scum..... and he got a perfect wife who is just as a low life as he is judging from both their parents the fruit didn't fall from the tree.... though in Joe Gorga a bit of a miracle happened   he didn't inherit the scumness like his sister. So Teresa Guidice is possiblu also lying about her actually doing any of the cooking... wonder if any of their sponsors will cut off any ties with them?   I know ANDY WON'T AS HE IS NOT MUCH BETTER MORAL WISE FROM THE GUIDICE'S..badsticking out tongueliar

Barbara Bailey Richardson

He's ridiculous...hopefully with these charges that the Govt. has brought against him they will find him guilty of all and finally deport his worthless self.  He is NOT even a U.S. citizen.

It seems that he uses everyone around him and when they do not comply he seeks "revenge". Probably has to use marbles/slingshot because it is the only weapon he can legally carry. lol

What do You wanna bet that we will soon hear that he has involved Teresa and Joes Gorga's parents in his dirty dealings!! He sure is protective/controlling of them.  Sad

nonmember avatar Joy

Joe Guidice acts like a caveman and Teresa loves it. His behavior is that of a 5 year old, screaming and getting in everyone's face, and his morals are that of a street urchin. Even the children seem to be growing up with few manners and tempers flaring. Too late now. Both Joe and Teresa are in very hot water with Uncle Sam. Joe just might be deported if he is found guilty. This latest slingshot incident doesn't help.

Judy Talarico

soooo and Chris, Jaq n lil Joe were indited on violent attack against some one Bergen County prosecutor spokesperson Maureen Parenta reveals that the Lauritas and Joe are "being prepared" to face grand jury indictment ....oh but juicy joe walks in pissed that lil joe called his wife scum n wants him to appoligise and he is the crazy one.....people people....also every thing I have read from the writer of the articles on the stir, by Erica are very very one sided....expand your horizens Erica there is more that needs to be put in the pot then what your cooken

Paula Mete-maxwell

Joe G. was attacke by gorga couple weeks ago, gorga ran at him like a bull, n he was tryn 2 bite his balls, he admitted 2 it. theres something wrong w/all of em. I'm italian, n most of italian families r crazy n fight among themselvs.

Paula Mete-maxwell

wow some of these comments r so judgmental. There r 2 sides 2 every story. As far as deportn Joe, they shouldn't cause he has family here. I cannot believe he never became a citize, Evidently he's filed taxes, filed bankrutcy so hes paid like the rest of us. Never judge a person till u walked in thir shoes. If a jury finds him guilt, then let the law handle it. 

Paula Mete-maxwell

oh yeah, about above rticle, i bet AL these people who r afraid of Jjoe now, were't before when he bought them supper or gifts, took em on a trip but now that press has asked oh year im so afraid. People like this want attention.

Betty Jean Keitz

     Joe Guidice needs anger management,but so does Joe Gorga.Especially for the sake of their children.Children learn what they live.


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