Joe Giudice Could Be Deported if Convicted

joe giudiceTeresa and Joe Giudice were recently charged with 39 counts of fraud and could both face jail time if convicted, but the bad news doesn't stop there. According to Harlan York, an immigration attorney, Joe Giudice could be deported to Italy if he’s found guilty. You read that right ... Joe. Giudice. Could. Be. Deported. Even though he's been married to Teresa for over 10 years, he never became an American citizen. Uh-oh.

I’ll be the first to say that Joe is my least favorite character on the show (he just gives me the creeps, what can I say?), but I would never in a million years wish deportation on anyone. Especially someone who has four daughters to take care of. That could be completely detrimental to him, his daughters, and the rest of the family.


If all of my hours of watching Law and Order have taught me anything, immigration laws are very strict, which means Joe is in some serious trouble. (This in no way should imply that I don't think he's already in some deep, smelly doo-doo, because he totally is.)

Immediately, my heart goes out to their four little girls, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. I could never imagine trying to cope with the idea of my parents going through a trial, let alone being forced to leave the country. Ever.

It's already completely awful for the girls that their father (and mother -- no one's forgetting about you, Teresa) might be going to jail, but going to jail and being forced to leave the country are two completely different things. At least when you go to jail, you have a release date (in most cases) and visiting hours. If Joe is forced to leave the country, it's very unlikely that he'd be allowed back in. 

He would miss out on seeing his baby girls grow into beautiful women, Teresa would be forced to raise their daughters on her own (assuming she doesn't go to jail), and probably the worst repercussion of them all, the girls wouldn't have their daddy around. Joe might have some major flaws, and I mean major, but I truly hope that deportation doesn't come into play.

Do you think that Joe will be deported?


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