'50 Shades of Grey' Director Is Close to One Clear Casting Choice

aaron taylor-johnsonWhen Sam Taylor-Johnson was announced as the director of Fifty Shades of Grey movie, it was natural to wonder if her 23-year-old hottie husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson might have a real shot at starring in the flick. After all, he's got a swarthy sexy, Hollywood heartthrob look that could be tantalizing to plenty of women. And a little bit of nepotism at play wouldn't seem totally out of the question, especially considering that the two met on the set of Sam's flick, Nowhere Boy.

But just when you thought Aaron may have it in the bag (Ian Somerhalder be damned!), his rep attempted to put any rumors about him playing Christian Grey to rest by saying his client will NOT be doing Fifty Shades and will instead "be the supportive father" to the couple's kids. Hmm. So why then is Aaron now talking about how much he'd love to work with his wife?


Currently promoting his new flick, Kick-Ass 2, the actor commented on the possibility of being in front of his wife's camera again:

I’d love to work with Sam again, no question, without a doubt. I think she’s such an incredible director and she’s got such an incredible vision. And especially for something like this (which) she can do -- no pun intended -- with her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded.

Excuuuse me?! So is he NOT counting himself out of the running just yet? Well, he may be -- but perhaps only when it comes to playing the mercurical billionaire bachelor. Aaron made sure to note:

For me, Christian Grey -- I just don’t fit the bill for Christian Grey, you know?

Interesting! What I'd gather from this is that he'd love to work with Sam on Fifty Shades, but perhaps just not as the lead. Some fans have pegged him a perfect pick for villain Jack Hyde or maybe even Christian's brother Elliot? Who knows? But judging from this, I would imagine Aaron being brought on for even a small cameo/bit part wouldn't be completely out of the question!

Do you think Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be in his wife's movie? Would you want to see him as one of the supporting characters?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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