7 Signs 'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Will Get a Proposal From Brooks

brooks desireeAfter a season that began with dismal ratings and was criticized as being too vanilla and boring, the second part of The Bachelorette finale might be the most anticipated EVER. So crazy! Despite rumors flying in every which way, we're biting our nails wondering whether Desiree Hartsock gets engaged -- and if so, to whom, now that it looks like Brooks eliminated himself and left Antigua?!

While there is evidence to support a Desiree-Chris matchup in the end, and Des's brother Nate claims Reality Steve is wrong about the winner, I'm convinced the bulk of clues at our disposal still lead to Brooks. Here, the major hints that have us believing he'll realize he made a major mistake and get down on one knee with a Neil Lane rock ...

WARNING: (Possible) Spoilers Ahead.

  1. An insider's description of the proposal. A source tells Wetpaint, “The proposal was very romantic, especially considering that Desiree was seriously doubting the whole process would work out in her favor. When the man she had her heart set on finally showed up and got down on one knee, she was emotional.” Why would this person in the know refer to the "man she had her heart set on" and say he "finally showed up"? Must be Brooks!
  2. Brooks's post-split freak-out. He was beside himself. If the guy wasn't going to have second thoughts about this, he wouldn't have stood around in the brushes with his head in his hands, broken down in tears. He wouldn't be looking totally dazed and blurry-eyed in his confessional. He was clearly more confused than positive about his feelings one way or the other.
  3. Desiree's tweet. The Bachelorette wrote that she finds herself crying "happy tears" on the finale. Why would she be crying happy tears when facing anything other than a proposal from Brooks?
  4. Brooks never said he wasn't in love with Des. Brooks never said "I don't love you." He just hadn't felt comfortable saying "I love you" yet! There's a difference. And maybe that's because he ...
  5. ... had no idea he was The One to Des! He probably had trouble falling in love with her thinking maybe she was actually falling for two, or three, or however many other guys. Can you blame him? (Also, can you blame a guy who clearly takes marriage seriously for being unsure about popping the question after just six weeks and a handful of one-on-one dates? I can't!)
  6. Desiree's People blog post. At the end of her reaction to this week's episode, she wrote, "Stay tuned next week to find out what happens with Brooks, my broken heart and the remaining men." As my brilliant Bachelorette scholar colleague Mary mentioned, why would Desiree bring up Brooks if he was gone for good?
  7. Chris Harrison confirmed Brooks could come back. The host tells ABC, "If anybody was ever set to come back and be wishy-washy, it's [Brooks]. There's definitely that option." And a proposal, too? For Des's sake, let's hope so.

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What are your thoughts on the proposal at this point?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I think even if he comes back and proposes she should always be weary of his feelings for her in the future.  To know his feelings werent as strong as your own. No thanks.

Cathy Neumann-Bearse



nonmember avatar Gregory

Oh, the suspense is so great I won't be able to sleep!!!!! God, you women need to GET A LIFE!

nonmember avatar llr

well thanks for that. I go to great lengths not to read spoilers, including and especially reality steve. that just all went down the drain. thanks for spoiling

Terry Lynn Taylor

ok i really think he was falling for her just needed more time. but leaving her was soo painful  remember he wanted pain he said before. he realizes He misses her soo much, he comes back. he knew it in the Limo or before. his sister should ve said Love takes time give it time, but be honest with her about it. He just had a wall around his heart having been hurt before. I understand. ive been there. I wish them both all the luck.

Sunny Rowe

I absolutely think he will come back. She got pretty hot and heavy with the others, and did the overnighters with both of them. We don't know what happens behind closed doors, so shame on us for assuming anything. Right? He is from a tight, Christian family, with tight, tight moral conduct. I know I could never go on the show knowing the guy was getting it on with others - to tell him I loved him in such circumstances would not be working for me. Des had her questions last Bachelor, too, about the same thing. SO.. Brooks will come back, because she can't possibly continue with the other men now. These are the two options - she goes home single or with Brooks.

nonmember avatar Vums

first feelings are overrated!!! I do not think they should be the foundation for relationships! I think of all the three guys, if he came back he would be the most trustworthy of them. Marriage is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more serious than our "love-struck" society cares to admit. that is why divorces have become commonplace!

Puri Shea

Brooks broke Des'heart... Chris a lot better than Brooks anyway. Am sure Chris never cheated on his last girlfriend but Brooks did. He cannot say "ILY" because his ego got his way, not his heart.

nonmember avatar Linda

I agree with the fact that i think brooks was very guarded with his heart & feelings just not knowing how she felt. I think he was very honest but confused as well & had strong ferlings but just needed more time with her to really figure out how he felt! I beliwve he will realize & come back for her & their will be a happy ending for both!

nonmember avatar Me

I have not watched this season at all, I just happened to flip thru channels and caught the last hour of the episode. When she told him that she loved him, I could see his demeanor change. You never told me that.. I couldnt.. You know I would have a hard time seriously dating or falling love with someone whose seeing all these other people too and never telling me straight up how they feel. I will watch it now next week too lol

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