'Dexter' Spinoff Rumors Heat Up -- But Which Character Will Make It Rock?

DexterDexter is one of the best shows in television history, and as of the end of this season (season 8), it will be no more. For fans like me, this news is very sad, indeed. Now, there are rumors of a Dexter spinoff and they are just loud enough to make me wonder if there might be some merit to them, after all. But would we want that?

Rumor has it that the spinoff would focus on Deb and delve more into her new career as a private investigator and maybe (maybe?!) her new relationship with her boss.

Of course, Deb isn't the only one on this show who could have a spinoff worth watching. Here are some other ideas:

  1. Hannah McKay: Rumor has it that she is coming back in the next episode and oh boy! I can't wait. She would keep a spinoff interesting, fresh, and full of killing. Plus she is just sexy and fun. I would totally watch a spinoff with her at the center.
  2. Masuka: I have never liked this character, Dexter's co-worker and constantly horny lab partner. But he has an interesting storyline this season with his sperm donation daughter, and also, maybe we could find out he is a serial killer, too? THAT would be a twist to add spice.
  3. Deb: This is the most probable spinoff, and as much as I like her, I just can't really picture this working. How would she carry a whole show? She would have to get a lot more interesting to make a whole show work about her. Maybe she becomes a killer? Maybe something big changes in her at the end of this season? Oh my God. Maybe Dexter dies? Is that how this ends? I sure hope not!
  4. Batista: This would be a snooze-fest. One season and it's done. Guaranteed. Batista is just not that interesting. Unless he has major skeletons in his closet, there is just not much there.
  5. Quinn: Quinn's proclivities for women and drinking all night could easily lead to a fascinating spinoff. There might be less carnage, but there would be good drama. And eye candy. Always eye candy.

Who would you like to see get a spinoff?


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