Lea Michele Steps Out With Touching Reminder of Cory Monteith (VIDEO)

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Lea MicheleSince Cory Monteith died so suddenly and tragically, we've all been wondering how his girlfriend and Glee costar Lea Michele is doing. From the looks of it, she is holding up and was photographed yesterday for the first time since his death as she traveled in a car with a friend in Los Angeles. The most touching part? Lea was wearing a necklace that said "Cory."

Lea had her hair up and sunglasses on as she chatted with the driver, a female pal. Her silver "Cory" name plate chain was around her neck. Her only public statement about Cory was on Twitter, where she said:

Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart.

The necklace, worn near her heart, is a tangible reminder of her love. She has been photographed wearing the necklace many times -- including in the photo above, taken before his death -- and it appears to be her favorite piece of jewelry. Still is. Now even more so, I imagine.

Having something to wear that reminds you of a lost loved one is a wonderful way to keep that person close to you. Considering that Cory and Lea were always together and were reportedly going to move in together after he got back from Vancouver, she must have a bunch of his things at her place.

One of the most difficult things anyone who loses a loved one has to do is decide what to keep and what to part with that belonged to the loved one. Depending on how you grieve, you may find his things comforting -- or depressing.

But it looks like Lea is finding comfort in this reminder of Cory.

She also looks strong and together -- though I'm sure it's a different story inside.

Have you ever kept a remembrance of a loved one?

Video via Splash/Daily Mail

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Connie Mertin Schrank

I'm hoping because Cory was cremated that she was able to put some cremains in a necklace to wear like I did with my son's <3

nonmember avatar Shelby

I have a bear made out of my father's favorite shirt. It's always on my bed. Having something of a loved one's is a great coping mechanism. Lea is a VERY strong woman, and her love for Corey will bring her through the hard times.

TheRa... TheRaiderMama

It's been 8 years since my late husband died. I have a tattoo of his handwriting from a note he wrote me on my wrist. I still have his clothes in boxes in the garage. I gave a lot of his stuff to his siblings and nieces & nephews because I knew they would be thrilled to have it. Even bough I've moved on and have a boyfriend, it doesn't change the fact that I still miss him.

Aimee Hudson

This is why I would hate to be famous. The woman can't even get out of her home without photographers stalking and hounding her for that one stupid picture.

nonmember avatar Lara

i tattooed tha Dutch word for "daddy" on my shoulder and im wearing his wedding ring as a beautiful necklace with a little silver heart with it.

RIP Cory, we all miss you.

Bronwyn Langley

She will probably also have the necklace from Glee that has Finn on it as well. We will miss you so much Cory and the show will go on but with a huge chunk missing from it. Your presence will be there in spirit.

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