Nigella Lawson’s Quickie Divorce Will Free Her From That Horrible Man

Nigella LawsonThere's been an interesting development in the story of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson's split from her husband Charles Saatchi. As you may remember, back in June, Saatchi was photographed choking Lawson during a public argument at a London restaurant (he also appeared to viciously pinch her nose as she wept). Saatchi then issued a bizarre explanation that the incident was merely a "playful tiff," and that he was simply holding her neck (and I quote: "repeatedly") to emphasize his point. In early July, Saatchi told the Daily Mail that due to Lawson's failure to publicly defend his actions, he was divorcing her.

Well, if you, like me, have been absolutely disgusted with this piss-poor excuse of a man, you may be glad to hear today's news: the divorce is indeed moving forward at top speed, and it was NIGELLA who filed the papers.


I don't think I have ever celebrated the dissolution of a marriage before, but HELL TO THE YES ON THIS.

Admittedly, I have no way of knowing what all went on in their relationship, and perhaps it's wrong to judge Charles Saatchi based on one incredibly ugly public incident. But you know what, I'm going to go ahead and take that risk, because I find it impossible to believe he isn't exactly what he seems: abusive, emotionally manipulative, and straight-up bad news.

Lawson was reportedly blindsided by Saatchi's weaselly announcement of divorce to the press, but hopefully that was the last act of cruelty she'll have to endure from this guy. Sources say Lawson is now living in an apartment with her son Bruno, and is planning to move to L.A. soon to film the new season of her show The Taste.

This morning, London's High Court took less than two minutes to grant Lawson and Saatchi a "decree nici," the first step in ending their 10-year marriage. In six weeks, the ex-couple should be able to get a "decree absolute" which will finalize their divorce.

Lawson filed her own papers on July 30, citing "unreasonable behavior" as grounds for their split. I'm encouraged to hear that she was at least able to control that aspect of their breakup, and that the divorce doesn't sound like it's going to spiral into a horrendous drawn-out court battle. It certainly could have, since they're reportedly worth $228 million and share an $18 million home. Here's where those prenups come in REALLY handy, I guess -- they're said to have signed one when they wed in 2003.

I'm glad that they were able to come to such a quick and seemingly private financial agreement, and I hope Lawson's able to move on to better things. As for Charles Saatchi ... well, I hope his days of "playful tiffs" are OVER.

Are you surprised this divorce is happening so fast?

Image via FT Weekend Magazine

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