Kristen Stewart Has Moved On From Robert Pattinson With a New Love

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kristen stewartRobert Pattinson isn't the only one getting a lot of love since his breakup. There's a new special someone in Kristen Stewart's life, too: A new puppy. Everyone, all together now, dawww. KStew has been seen walking a little pup with a black face and brown and black spotted body. I'm no expert on breeds, but he looks like he may be another mutt from a rescue shelter, like Bear and Bernie. Good for both Kristen and her new dog.

We hear Rob ended up with custody of Bear and Bernie after the split, so I'm glad Kristen is starting over with a new dog of her own. That's a great way for her to get over her breakup.

First of all, puppies are demanding, so this is a good distraction for Kristen. She won't have time to brood over Rob while she's house training her puppy. Her every thought about what went wrong will be interrupted by a yelp from someone who needs her NOW. She'll be forced to think about someone else's needs -- not the abstract emotional needs of a boyfriend, but the concrete, urgent needs of a hungry puppy.

And her new puppy is someone to love who will love her back unconditionally. There's no cheating on dogs. Even if she gets Bear and Bernie for the weekends and gives them lots of love and attention, too, her new puppy will still love her. That's the lovely thing about pets -- they're not going to break up with you.

I just hope that with Kristen's busy filming schedule (another great distraction, though work is not going to love you back like a dog will), she has enough time to bond with her new pet.

Have you ever gotten a new pet right after a breakup?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Somya Tyagi

Leave her alone please! The girl needs some privacy! Let her breathe. And live!

hello... hellokd87

I got a pet as a result of the breakup & that cute little Chiweenie is now my moms dog that makes her sooo happy!! I don't think of my ex when I see him, and my mom's dog ALWAYS gets excited when he sees me in my visits & he never barks at me no matter how long its been!

Ashley Hall

that's the way to be.

Cathy Hendrix

she'll have someone to love her

Morgan Speak

What makes you think she is brooding? Bitch might be glad or relieved. He's good looking, but dudes aren't everything.

nonmember avatar pat

I know you guys make your money from idiots like me who come and read this trash , not once have I seen you write something positive about Kristen and if you do there is always something bad thrown in , the only way to sell I guess is having readers intrigue bad way to make money if you ask me, hating is bad and making money out of someone with lies is even worst , start writimg true stuff and you will have her fans reading and making you money and hopefully you will sleep better at night.

nonmember avatar tess malon


nonmember avatar tess malon

I Love you Kristen..


nonmember avatar jlou

i love u kristen! u rock! keep cool and pretty.

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