Simon Cowell Expecting Baby With His Friend's Wife ... Can We Judge HIM Now?

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Eternally critical and grumpy Simon Cowell is going to become ... a Daddy! Yes, believe it or not, stalwart bachelor Simon, a guy who said he never wanted kids because they might "draw on [his] walls," has a bun in the oven of a beautiful brunette socialite named Lauren Silverman. Small catch? Lauren is married ... to Simon's good friend. I'm trying to think what snarky thing Simon could say to himself right now. Maybe something like, "That was corny and desperate ... knocking up your friend's wife ... really, keep your day job ... zip it, please ... that's two minutes of my life I will never get back ... pack your suitcase ... utterly atrocious!"

Lauren is still "technically" married to Simon's friend Andrew Silverman, but reportedly when their marriage began to fail, she turned to good pal Simon for comfort ... and, well, you know how these things go.

Simon had been a long-time fixture in Lauren and her husband's life -- attending their holiday parties and vacationing with them -- so I wonder how hubster feels knowing Simon swooped in and signed his lady to an 18-year baby contract.

A source told US Weekly:

Lauren and Andrew have been unhappy in their marriage for some time, and their divorce has been in the works for a while. As their marriage deteriorated, she and Simon became close.

There is nothing like having your friend comfort your wife while your marriage hits the skids, amiright?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Simon does with fatherhood, considering he's said he never wants kids. He once reportedly said in an interview:

God, no. I couldn't have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I'd go nuts. With kids, you've got a routine you can't escape from. You've got to be up at a certain time. Got to listen. When all you want to do is sit in a corner thinking.

Ah, who knows. I bet in eight months time we'll be hearing how much fatherhood has changed him, and how he never knew the meaning of life until now, blah blah blah. I just hope he doesn't stand around lobbing snarky remarks at his kid's poopy performances. Something like, "That ... is ... disgusting! Good-bye!"

Do you think Simon will be a good dad?

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

How many self admitted bachelors say they never want children, end up having a girlfriend (or fling) get pregnant, and end up being wonderful fathers? Besides, the title of this article is horribly misleading. It makes it seem like he got her pregnant while she was still with her husband. They're consenting adults, and her and her husband are divorcing.While I don't approve of sleeping with a friends wife, it's their life. Simon and Lauren have also been friends for a long time, so I'm going to assume that it's not just a fling. And maybe she's going to end up being the love of his life. We don't know the entire situation.

'so I wonder how hubster feels knowing Simon swooped in and signed his lady to an 18-year baby contract.'

Pretty sure she's not 'his lady' any more.And what a complete disgusting, asinine term for becoming a parent.

Also, great way to only report the side of the story YOU want people to see. How about the rest of the article that you sourced which has him stating that he really likes kids? Or that he hasn't ruled out becoming a father, only that he had probably already missed his chance because of his age?

Wonderful to judge how he'll be as a father based on how he is at work. I know many guys who are complete hardasses at work, then go home and have tea parties with their little girls.

Horrible misleading one-sided piece of garbage article.

Cynthia Parten

Okay, even if they didn't really commit adultery because she was getting a divorce you never, ever, EVER sleep with a friend's current or ex partner. Sorry, there are rules. I don't care if it's been ten years since his friend divorced his wife, you still don't go there.

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