Rob Kardashian's Ex Used Creepy Fake Boyfriend to Dump Him (VIDEO)

Rob Kardahsian Adrienne BailonBe careful how you treat your ex-girlfriends, because one of them might end up hosting a TV talk show one day and decide to spill all of your embarrassing breakup bidnit. That's what happened to Rob Kardashian, whose ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon, did not appreciate being bailed-on (get it?) when Rob cheated on her. Actually, when he admitted that, I guess she gave him the heave-ho. But Rob wouldn't go quietly into the night. So Adrienne had to resort to some rather creepy shenaningans to get him to skeedaddle. She pretended to be someone else. Seriously.


Adrienne, who is now a host on The Real, told her fellow hosts (and everyone else) the real story about the email from her "new boyfriend" that Rob read aloud on his own show. Says Adrienne:

This was my break-up letter to him. What you all thought is that it was written by my boyfriend. It was not written from a boyfriend. That was written by me and my girls sitting on my sofa one day deciding to ourselves "How do we make him stop calling me?!" We thought to ourselves maybe the only way to make this guy not call me anymore is if he thinks I've got someone new.

Adrienne said the letter told Rob, "I need you to stay out of our lives"; "We've moved on"; etc. Apparently the ruse worked and Rob slunk away after he thought Adrienne had a new man in her life. Sadly, a lot of men only listen to other men.

I don't know about using this particular trick, though it's a common one and I know more than one woman who has done it. On the one hand, some men do have a tendency to trample over a woman's demand that he leave her alone and really not take it seriously until a man tells them the same thing. I've had female friends use their male friends to call up a guy and tell him to go away. Men aren't as likely to mess with another guy -- cause they know they can get their ass kicked.

On the other hand, if a guy is stalking you and genuinely unbalanced, using the old fake man trick can just exacerbate the situation. Stalkers will often ratchet up the abuse when they get jealous.

But I also wonder if women just feel like they can't be adamant and firm with a guy unless it's in the voice of fake guy. Maybe they are telling a guy to go away, but also giving him mixed signals -- and the guy isn't taking it seriously. Women need to learn how to say what they mean in no uncertain terms.

Luckily this worked for Adrienne, and since she and Rob are long over -- and he read HER email on air -- he probably doesn't mind her dishing. He hasn't been so honorable with his exes anyway.

Have you ever used the fake guy ruse?

Video via The Real Daytime/YouTube

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