Desiree Hartsock's Latest Spoiler Bombshell Might Really Be a Dirty Trick (VIDEO)

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Desiree HartsockYou know how Desiree Hartsock has a blog over at People where she talks about each week's episode of The Bachelorette after the fact? Yeah, well, when I read what she wrote after being dumped by Brooks Forester in Antigua, I immediately rolled my eyes because she seemed to give away yet another clue about what's going to happen on the finale next week.

And I say "yet another" because on Monday night, she sent out this semi-cryptic tweet, which basically gave away who wins The Bachelorette -- or so I thought.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead (my new mantra these days).

Ok, so the tweet teased that she'd be crying "happy tears" on the finale, which led me to believe that Brooks comes back and surprises her with a proposal in Antigua.

But then I read what she wrote in her People blog: "Stay tuned next week to find out what happens with Brooks, my broken heart and the remaining men."

Brooks? Wait a minute -- why do we need to see what happens with Brooks? I thought he quit the show?

My first thought was that Des should keep her mouth shut before she spills the beans any further on the obvious outcome of the finale.

But then I started thinking about how she's probably not stupid enough to ruin the ending like that. What if she's baiting us with the whole Brooks thing and acting like it's not totally over yet -- because she's going to wind up picking Chris in the end?

Sorry, but she's just not that into Drew. She'll dump him before he can even meet up with Neil Lane to look at rings.

OMG. She's been saying that she always falls for the wrong type of dude. What if Brooks cutting her loose was the exact wakeup call she needed to realize she belongs with someone like Chris who knows exactly what he wants -- which just happens to be Des?

And then there's the whole bit about her brother Nate Hartsock saying Brooks doesn't win. Why would he lie about it? For attention?

I'm not totally ruling out Brooks coming back next week, but now I'm starting to wonder if he does return to tell Des he made a mistake -- and then she turns right back around and tells him to take a hike. She doesn't want to be with someone who isn't 100 percent positive he's in love with her.

And then Chris will come out and get down on one knee and propose, and they'll be all sappy and mushy and make out like a couple of teenagers.

Now THAT, my friends, would make for the "most dramatic ending EVER," don't cha think?

I'm going to be on pins and needles until Monday night. How about you?

In the meantime, here's the finale promo clip, in case you want to try and figure out what's about to go down.

Do you think Des will wind up engaged to Chris or Brooks -- or no one at all?


Image via tvtymes/YouTube

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hexxuss hexxuss

No clue... guess we'll find out in a week if Brooks comes back.  I just know that Reality Steve is rarely wrong ;-)

Melanie Glass

I want to see her with Chris and if Brooks does come back I think she should dump him as he did her, he doen't deserve her and she deserves beter then what he has dished out. He should have removed himself long before now knowing how she has been drawn to him from he start to wait til this point I believe is unfair to all involved, who knows had he left sooner maybe just maybe Zak would still be there.

Puri Shea

If I were Des, I would not take him back! Des is pretty, HEADS UP DES- take your ego AND not take Brooks back. You have 2 good looking man than Brooks...if she does take him back- it won't have a healthy relationship because Brooks was not 100% sure he is in love and ready for Des. PLEASE DES, DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK! Brooks no wondered never say "I LOVE YOU" yet on Des..but the 2 men were!

Arlene Agorita Perez

Dose anyone notice Zak W. photo at the background, first part of this clip ??

nonmember avatar Claire

Arlene that is not Zak that is a picture of Drew. I also think Brooks will be back. There are many spoilers saying Brooks comes back because he realized he made a bad decision and then he proposes to her and they live happily ever after.

Rachel Hampton

Don't know what she sees in Brooks. ..AT ALL ! She looked great with Chris.

Debra Mitchell

its just the show and how they keep us coming back but they don't pick the right one most of the time what are there Three marriages out of all the seasons and one of them pick the wrong one and was lucky the right one took him back

Kim Locke

If she picks Brooks after what he said to her well then she deserves what she gets.  He told her he wasnt in love with her, Chris is, but her heart is with Brooks.  At this point she should not pick anyone because she is in love with someone who doesnt love her. I will have a hard time watching Bachelorette again if she picks Brooks.......

Mike Cobb

Spoilers indicate Chris and Drew never had a clue how deeply committed Desiree was to Brooks, and how early on that commitment was made (long before the European trip).  Those same spoilers indicate Chris and Drew each knew Desiree was still dating other men, but that they each believed they were the frontrunner.  This due to the fact Des met their families and had engaged in serious discussions about marriage and planning their lives together.  In short, Desiree didn't just allow them both to deceive themselves; she actually cultivated the deception.  The same spoilers indicate that Chris and Drew will hear the truth for the first time during the 3-hour Grand Finale in front of a live audience.  I'm almost looking forward to that last show.  If there is any justice in this world, the proverbial chickens will come home to roost for Desiree.   

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