Rihanna Broke Up With Chris Brown Over the One Thing a Relationship Needs to Survive

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RihannaRihanna and Chris Brown have been dunzo for awhile now, but no one really knew the reasons WHY. Well, besides maybe the fact that he kept hooking up with his ex, Karrueche Tran. That's reason enough, right? Also how he once pummeled Rihanna's face until it looked like a boxer's after 12 rounds? Yeah, there was that.

But a source tells HollywoodLife the real reason behind the split, and it doesn't come as a huge surprise. Rihanna apparently just couldn't "trust" her ex. And she learned from that, big time.

The source says:

[Rihanna] learned that without trust, you ain’t got shit. You have to trust the guy you’re with and vice-versa. When trust is gone, everything is bad. And that’s something that’s hard as f**k to repair. It can be done, but both people have to be mature and willing to work on it. It’s not possible if only one person puts in the work. When [Rihanna] had some downtime on tour, she would read relationship books and search online about love and how to rebuild trust to make sure she wasn’t the one who was crazy. And guess what? She isn’t crazy. Rihanna did what she had to do.

Is it me or does this sound like Rihanna herself could have said that? Anyway, can you imagine Rihanna on tour with Women Who Love Too Much and Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them on her bedside table? Hey, if anyone needed a little relationship repair reading, it was Rihanna.

But, really, should she have been so surprised? This is a guy who made a video proclaiming that he loved two women -- Rihanna and Karrueche. He didn't exactly seem like he was ready to settle down and get to "wifeing."

That said, it sounds like Rihanna made the right choice. Trust is very difficult to get back once it's lost, and I've found that one out too. Haven't most of us at one time or another? Unfortunately, sometimes we want it back so badly that we're willing to put up with someone telling you you're "crazy." It's called gaslighting. But you're not crazy. Rihanna -- she's a little crazy. But not you.

Rihanna sounds like she's still pissed over the toxic relationship too, writing on Instagram:

I hate when ex’s say ... "I'm here if you need me." Where the f**k were you when we were together and I needed you?

HA. Word! Good for Rihanna for kicking this untrustworthy gaslighter to the curb.

Have you ever lost trust in a relationship?

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nonmember avatar Mallory

It's not like Rihanna is exactly trustworthy either...she's practically slept with every man in the music industry and is not ashamed to admit it. Remember that tweet Chris sent out saying why would he want her if everyone else has had her? Both are really screwed up, but I think RIhanna got off lucky and let Chris take most of the heat, but she's a hot headed woman and probably was beating and sassing Chris long before he lost it and did (unjustly so) a number on her face. But Rihanna is just drama and even a 5 year old could see that.

Naji Ghan

mallory u are ignorant, all u know is hear say regarding riri sex life, were u in the bed everytime she had sex, Fools gossip without Facts like u, STFU!!

nonmember avatar digna

you never see rihanna dating/fucking tom dick and harry,she maybe other things but she's not hoe...she's always with girl friends. rumors can distroy your self eesteem smh

holly... hollywood222222

How can you guys say she isn't a hoe, this one is about at ratchet as they come! Just as Chris was back and forth between her and Tran, she was back and for with him and Drake! Posting photos that she knew would start drama on Instagram and Twitter. She isn't innocent in all of this.

nonmember avatar zak

You are right hollywood222222, you've said it all...i totally agree with you...what a hoeeeeeee

nonmember avatar jones

its jst so sad

hexxuss hexxuss

It's just like X-Mas... "ho ho ho"....

nonmember avatar blh

Mallory you seem like ignorant white trash. So if a woman "sasses" her bf it's ok for him to hit her?? I really don't care about their stupid relationship or who they were fucking but it is NEVER ok for a man to hit a woman. Ever.

nonmember avatar reason

Infatuation with or judgements on a stranger's sex life is quite meaningless don't you think? Discussing your own would be time better spent. You know? How many partners have you had? At what point does one become a "ho" (since I was under the impression that it was a person who trades sex for money)? Do you fit the description? Why? etc. Who wants to start?

nonmember avatar Tricia

It's so weird for you guys to be calling her a hoe and you somehow know for a fact how many guys she's slept with EVEN though she knows not of your existence... What the fuck bro.... Have you totally forgotten about the godforsaken Kim Kardashian??! THAT is a real hoe.... And rihanna has done a number of interviews squashing most of the rumors about her sleeping with (meek mills) and so far the only other guys she's REALLY been with are Chris brown and Matt kemp! so your statement about 'sleeping with every guy in the industry' could just be ruled out... And i'm confused as to why you called her ratchet... She's a Caribbean girl who grew up speaking broken English and doesn't really give two fucks so if her careless behavior is what you refer to as 'ratchet' well then I hope you remove that stick that's so far up your ass dude! AND MAKE NO MISTAKE I'M TALKING TO YOU MALLORY!

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