'Couples Therapy' Recap: Catelynn & Tyler Reveal Heartwrenching Stories From Their Pasts

Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraIf you want word to describe tonight's episode of Couples Therapy, here it is: bleep. The f-bombs were flying so furiously that for about five minutes, the censor sound was pretty much all we heard. As usual it was Flavor Flav and girlfriend Liz plus Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and girlfriend Abbey Wilson causing the bulk of the drama. 

But living with all this drama seems to be especially hard for Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.


After police had to rush into the house to convince Flav's pregnant girlfriend Liz Trujillo to get into an ambulance for treatment, celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Berman sat the whole household down for a chat. Her first concern was how Tyler and Catelynn were holding up.

Some of the details the youngest members of the cast had revealed from their childhood led Bermann to worry that the struggle between Liz and the cops might bring the issues flooding back.

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Turns out, she was right.

Tonight we got yet another reminder of why it was so smart for these kids to choose adoption for daughter Carly and how amazing it is that they're standing on their own two feet making such smart choices for them today.

Said Catelynn: 

I have a lot of memories of cops always rushing in my house, taking my mom's boyfriends to jail, you know kicking down doors to get in there. 

Tyler's confession was similar. He recalled noticing someone shining a flashlight into his home, then watching the mysterious person -- who was apparently looking for his drug addicted dad -- smash the window of his home and come in side.

I ran to my sister, and we just kind of held each other while they were ransacking the house.

And you thought it was bad when Catelynn's mom got beat up by Tyler's dad on Teen Mom? That was only the tip of the iceberg, folks. These two have been through some hardcore stuff, and tonight's episode showed that even today, even with how far they've come, they can so easily be thrown back there.

We're all haunted by a certain amount of baggage from our past, be it emotional or physical. But while some people spend childhood licking popsicles and splashing in mud puddles, for others the formative years are chock full of so much trauma that moving on is almost impossible.

Each time Catelynn and Tyler reveal another piece of their past, it's hard not to marvel at how well they manage to separate themselves from the drama that surrounds them. Whether it was not falling prey to the scandal-plagued lives of some of their Teen Mom co-stars or not allowing themselves to be thrown off by Flav and Joe, these kids continue to amaze me.

Did you have a rough childhood? Any advice for Catelynn and Tyler on how to move beyond it?


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