Kristen Stewart Curses Out Paparazzi After They Bug Her About Rob Again (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart Paparazzi confrontationLooks like Kristen Stewart may be taking a small page out of Kanye West's book with her recent paparazzi run-in. The Twilight star recently told a nagging photographer, "You don't deserve to breathe the same air as I do," then called him a "piece of shit," and followed that up with a big "Ef you!" after he pestered her about the current state of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Yeaaaaaah, not exactly her best moment.

But can you blame the girl? I mean, heck, even if KStew could move forward from this relationship if it's not working out, the media won't let her. All everyone asks her is about Rob, but what about KRISTEN? You don't even need to be a Kristen Stewart fan to understand that, man, this girl's gotta be tired.

Watch Kristen Stewart's confrontation with the paparazzi, here:

Poor Kristen. Now that some time's passed, hopefully she can take a bit of a breather and reground herself. She's never been one to go super crazy on photographers before, and now that she's cleared the air with Katy Perry -- hopefully the craziness will die down. 

Do you think Kristen was out of line?


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Laura Lynn


nonmember avatar TiredMom

No, I don't. This girl is followed constantly by stalkerazzi who do nasty things to her, and yell inappropriate comments and questions at her to get a rise out of her, then are upset when she eventually snaps? Of course, they edit the video to show THEMSELVES in the best light. Look at what she's wearing - same outfit in all the pics put out yesterday - obviously they had been following her for a while. She tries to out the back entrance, by the dumpster, to get away - and is still followed. When does she deserve some peace? Leave this woman alone, already!

Rita Curry

 Not at all, at this time in her life. It's got to hurt her, for Rob, to walk out on her, like that. Give, Kristen, a break, for the love of, God. I know, Kristen doesn't read this, but still, I want her to know, not everyone, hates her. Not to say that, we still love, Robert, as well. I wish, nothing but, the best, for both of rock

nonmember avatar Gina

What a brat. You don't deserve to breathe the same air as me?

Just shut up and don't respond to them. Why confirm to the world that you're a first-class b--- and give the paparazzi a great payday at the same time?

Sheila Bennett


nonmember avatar Lisa

I hate the papa razzi they are such assholes

nonmember avatar JG317

Once more, her apologists want to give her a pass because poor Kristen is so put upon and abused by the paparazzi. But, here's the thing. While it is true that some paparazzi cross lines to get the reaction shot they want, not all of them do. And, there's nothing on this video that indicates the photog in this situation said or did anything to warrant such a reaction. And, regardless of what he did or did not say, "you don't deserve to breath the same air as me," is essentially saying that she'd rather see him dead than in her presence. Continuing to insult and name call? That's not any kind of appropriate way to deal with anyone, period. It's immature, classless and downright aggressive. That kind of behavior shouldn't be given a free pass. It should be punished. Kristen had the choice to stand behind the barrier until the car drove up, get in the car and leave. It would have gone much better all around. By going on her tirade, she guaranteed that the guy would continue to film her and also that it would earn him a much bigger paycheck than if she'd kept her mouth shut, walked to the car and drove off. But, she can't do that. She's Kristen Effing Stewart. And, she clearly never learns a damn lesson.

nonmember avatar chrissyvs

She has lived in HW her whole life....she knows what being a star includes, don't like it, drop out of HW otherwise deal w/ it....I rarely C any other stars do this kind of behavior. If shes not yelling rude comments than she flipping them off!!!!! TIME 2 GROW UP LITTLE GIRL!!! As far as the poor thing having 2 deal w/ Rob leaving her....GEUSS SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE CHEATED ON HIM & BROKE UP A FAMILY IN THE PROCESS!!!! Y does everyone keep coming 2 her rescue??? She made her bed now she LIE IN IT...While she laying there, maybe she COULD 4 A CHANGE, B AN ADULT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

Sherie Stockbridge

Good for her!!! I know, she chose her career and should expect it but, DAYAM! Move past it

nonmember avatar Robfan

I think Kristen would have been better off just walking to her car without responding too them at all. Thats what they want is her to react so they can make up a story to go with it. Girl needs too take a lesson on acting her age.

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