'DWTS' Maksim Chmerkovskiy & This Blonde Bombshell Can't Stay Away From Each Other


Maksim ChmerkovskiyUh-oh, you guys, Maksim Chmerkovkiy and Kate Upton were spotted together again -- making it even harder for them to deny rumors of a romance, hookup, friends with benefits situation, whatever, going on between them.

They recently enjoyed an intimate dinner together at Catch restaurant in the Meatpacking District of New York City, making many of us even more convinced that there's more going on here than they're willing to let on.

Kate even recently told Extra that she and Maks "go way back," whatever the heck that means. (Maybe that's some sort of new term the kids today are using to describe what goes on behind closed doors?)

If you recall, Maks and Kate had yet another romantic dinner together back in June, resulting in tongues wagging over the idea of them being a couple.

Who cares if he's 33 and she's only 21? It's pretty tough to put an age limit on sexual attraction, which is something it's starting to look like they have quite a bit of.

Oh come on -- how in the heck can Maks and Kate not be all over each other? Have you seen either one of them? They're hot enough on their own, but put the two of them together, and you've got a recipe for physical chemistry that's so off the charts it's impossible to measure.

They can deny that there's any sort of funny business going on between them all they want -- because going out on dates together kind of speaks for itself. And if this sort of behavior continues, they're going to have to fess up and admit they're seeing each other at some point in the near future, right?

(And if Kate turns up in the audience for the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars in September, we can totally go ahead and assume they're doing it.)

Do you think Maks and Kate are more than just friends?


Image via ABC

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Kevin Haynes

I think Maks and Kate are more than friends

Paula Breisblatt

that is their business if they are seeing one or other, why don't people leave them alone


Celeste Overby

I think it's interesting that the article is about the two of them and yet she is cut off in the picture. That really could be anyone's arm

Dorothy Holland

I think they are doing wht everybody else is, dating, hooking up, having fun, what ever makes them happy! That's all I want, is for Maks to be happy!!! Now.. All I want   is for Maks to come back to DWTS, even if for just one more season!


nonmember avatar Peggy

That is Maks & Kirstie S2 DWTS. Geeze guys. Do I have to tell you everything. ha

nonmember avatar Debbie

This has Lizzie Grubman publicity stunt written all over it.

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