Courtland Rogers’ First Move After Getting Out of Jail Is Just Sad

courtland rogesrIf you were locked up in prison for a while, what would be the first thing you'd do when you got out? Lay on the grass in a park and gaze lazily up at the sun? Head to a favorite restaurant to indulge in a much-loved dish? Run straight to your long-lost family's house, where you can while away the hours laughing and joking around? Or immediately hop on Twitter to say, “I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” to thousands of people you don't know and who, really, at the end of the day, don't give a shit about you. If you answered the latter, you must be Courtland Rogers. Rogers did just that after leaving prison.

Sounds like somebody's spiritual cup needs refilling.

After making his grand entrance back on to the social networking scene, Courtland thanked his fans for their well-wishes, then expressed his hatred for estranged wife Jenelle Evans with the following messages:

"@PBandJenelley_1 I hate you! Goodbye!!!!!!!!!"

"@pbandjenelley_1 sad u got to try n make the innocent 1 in this marriage look like crap live! just to get people to watch ur Stankin ass smh"

"@pbandjenelley_1 I want a DIVORCE !!! RIGHT NOW!! Sunday or not dammit get on the phone and talk to your cop friends make this happen."


It's really sad that this is one of the first things Courtland did after being locked up. Get a life, dude. You'd think that Courtland would have done the slightest bit of soul-searching during his 100+ day stint in jail. You'd think that during his time there, he'd think about the people he loved and the real life things he wanted to do when he got out. Tweeting your brains out the minute you become a free man? Gross. And more so, sad. Sorry about your life, Courty Court.

What do you think of Courtland Rogers' behavior?


Image via Courtland Rogers/Twitter (what else?)

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hexxuss hexxuss

He's a douche, and a fugly douche at that.  Hope she gets a restraining order on him & we never have to read about either of them again (HINT HINT HINT).

Kimberly Shults Smith

why are you wasting ink and time on him then???He was never a part of the show except as a piece of butt for Jenelle and there were many of them!!

Jenn Callahan

I agree with Kimberly.. Why are you even writing about it? Obviously you cared... smh..

nonmember avatar Jessica

Omg seriously what kind of idiots are running this site? WHO CARES if the man got on twitter? THOUSANDS of people get out of jail and get right back on their facebooks to see what everyone has been up to. It's the first easiest access to everyone you have.

He also went out to dinner with his family, saw his girlfriend, went to visit his mom...

Take a seat.

This site is ridiculous.

nonmember avatar est4lifeinjail

dudes a moron.

@the other people who commented:

admit it... you love reading about this jackapple. that's why this site writes about him, cause the stories get hits. if nobody clicked on stories about him, or Jenelle, then trust that nobody would write anything about them.

since you obviously came to the page, they made that much more money from ads, which ensures that they will continue to write stories, if you can even call them that, about these terrible sociopathic people.

i for one, don't care. for some reason i love reading about what these idiots do while i drink my coffee and smoke my cigarette and take my morning poo. the poo comes after the coffee and cig, but you get the idea.

everyday there's something new, and usually idiotic, to read about these advertising gems. its like a real life white trash soap opera that i can't get enough of. :)

moral of my post:

if you want them to stop writing these "stories," then stop clicking on them. it makes no sense to come here just to say they should stop, when the only reason they continue to write this stuff because they make money when you do that.

nonmember avatar est4lifeinjail

edit: it makes no sense for you to click on a link to a story you don't like, in order to tell them to stop writing these stories. the only reason they continue to write these stories is because they make money when you click on the link. stop clicking, then the money will stop coming in, then the stories will stop being written. cause and effect.

i love you <3

Emily Daniels

Dear Stir bloggers/writers (and I use those terms loosely), please write something newsworthy. Making this piece of S H I T famous is not boosting your career aspirations...if anything, it's holding you back. Way back. I'm sorry that I yet again clicked on a link on Facebook that brought me here. Journalists are a dying breed. 

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