Chelsea Houska Has to See Too Much of Her Baby Daddy Thanks to MTV

Teen Mom 2Chelsea Houska is one of the sweetest (and saddest) teen moms to grace MTV's Teen Mom with her presence. She is a hard worker, trying to provide a better life for her daughter Aubree, while also contending with massive drama from her baby daddy and once on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Lind.

Now Lind has moved on. He is in a new relationship and is having a new baby and poor Chelsea has to see it all unfolding. Even if Chelsea has moved on from Adam (and that's a big if), she has to be at least somewhat hurt that he has moved on so quickly and in such a big way.

Worst of all, unlike normal people who aren't on TV, Chelsea has to see it all unfold in the tabloids. I guess it makes you glad you aren't famous, right?

The problem here is that Chelsea, for all her good points, has been hung up on Adam. Now, thanks to their doing this show, she has to relive every cringe-worthy moment with him (and there were many). She has to see Adam with his new girlfriend and she has to watch him say things when she isn't around.

All I can say is: Ouch. It's hard.

Chelsea is a sensitive girl and this show can't possibly be good for her psyche. Sure, it's fine that Adam has moved on and Chelsea should probably do the same. But just because it's what SHOULD be done doesn't mean it feels good.

Seeing photos of the little girl SHE is raising out having fun with daddy can't feel all that great. Poor Chelsea.

Hopefully Adam will be a better dad to his new girl and hopefully that will have good net effects for Aubree, too. Adam is trying to do the right things, which is admirable given where he started. Still, thanks to the show, Chelsea gets to hear all about the fun day at the zoo she wasn't invited to, too.

I guess fame is really a double-edged sword in many ways.

Do you think Adam is becoming a better dad?


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holly... hollywood222222

Why the hell should we feel sorry airhead Chelsea? She is a grown woman, who speaks in a baby voice because she still thinks that's cute. She puts her feelings for a man over her daughter. She doesn't have to watch the show, and what tabloids are you reading featuring these 2??? They are nobodies, this is the only report I've seen on them. She's dumb as a box of rocks and let's her daddy support her. She works PART TIME (barely) and still can't "find the time" to finish school. She is the idiot that kept taking Adam back. She is the idiot that KNOWINGLY had unprotected sex with Adam. I'm sure she was hoping to get pregnant again. Can't stand this girl.

nonmember avatar Agree with mom

Shes the stupid one for getting pregnant at a young age!!! Next time think with your head not your vagina!!!

nonmember avatar No pity here

I agree with Hollywood. She can't do anything without her enabeling idiot of a dad to push her through it and pay the way. She seems like an ok mom but other than that she is pretty sad as a person. Her dad is an idiot in the way he parents. He daughter will be a brat and talk like a 5 year old just like her mom.

nonmember avatar J

Holy cow...some seriously bitter words from a bunch of "nobodies" on here. She made some dumb choices as a teen and became a mom. How many teen parents are out there? None of them deserve any sympothy? heart goes out to ANYONE who is struggling, life can be difficult and it's not always easy to make the right choices. What happened to empathy and concern for fellow human beings? People who want to jump all over somebody and lash out at a total stranger with anger and disrespectful/hurtful words has something seriously lacking in their own life.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Does Adam not know condoms exist?

nonmember avatar hailey

In a way i kind of understand her tamkng adam back she explains in the show how she wants a family for aubree, and if you watched the show you can see aubree is happy when they are together! I dobt think its appropriate for people who don't know her to sit and say unkind words.. why even read the article if you hate her so much? sounds like some people have no life. from what we see chelsea is a good mom, abd so wjat if shes hung up on adam, im not saying its ok for her to take him back im just saying he always says how hes ready to have his family and thats what she wants so i can see how she would fall for it.

Robin Teeters

i love how people are all calling her an idiot as if they are so perfect and have never made a mistake....get the hell over your selves im sure you have all done something in your life that you arent proud of does that make u an "idiot" from what i can see she is a good mom and takes great care of her baby we were all once young and stupid just remember when u point at someone 4 more fingers are pointing back at yourself =)

nonmember avatar bonnnyyy

Is her life!!! Atleast she trys to not give up!!! i think her dad is doing a great job been there for her thats a parent should do in a good or bad situations!!! and she aint doing all this bad stuff she actually a 24/7 mom!!!! it might seen bad but she aint doing things like all farrah or jeanelle!!!!

Chelsea Ann Mahone Baker

I understand that she wants to keep a family unit together because coming from a broken home really effected her in alot of ways and still in her adult life does which she really needs therapy for instead of ignoring therapy like she has she should swallow her pride and admit shes getting worse and not better.We all make mistakes we are all human but Chelsea has had chances to fix her issues (as the therapy on I mentioned for example) and stopped doing it and now her issues with her parents divorce is just effecting her worse and worse the older she is getting she NEEDS HELP and has had chances TO GET HELP she just doesn't WANT IT.

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