'Bachelorette' Finale Part 1 Recap: Brooks' Shocking Confession Leaves Desiree Hartsock Breathless

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Uhhhhhh, yeah -- when Chris Harrison promised us that the two-part finale of The Bachelorette would be the most dramatic thing we've ever seen? He wasn't kidding. (For real this time.)

I don't care who you are or whether or not you've been a fan of Desiree Hartsock throughout her season. What went down during her overnight dates in Antigua is nothing short of ridiculous and heartbreaking. (And really shitty if you ask me.)

Sure, I make fun of girls doing the ugly cry on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette every chance I get, but tonight I just wanted to reach through the TV and give Des a huge hug -- and a bottle of wine or seven.

Who even gives a rat's behind about her dates with Drew and Chris?? Seeing her get dumped by Brooks Forester was one of the most gut-wrenching things I've ever witnessed.

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OMG. What's up with this dude? He loves her, but he isn't in love with her. And even after hearing his mom and sister gush about how great she is, he still boarded the plane to Antigua to cut her loose in paradise -- like a true gentleman? Whaaaaa???

You guys, I felt so freakin' bad for Des when she first saw Brooks before their date and immediately realized something was wrong. And the 20 or so minutes that followed showing both of them crying and snotting all over each other were equally as painful.

It's been obvious all along how crazy she is for this dude -- but hearing Des finally tell Brooks that she loves him even though she knows he doesn't feel the same way? That just plain sucked. I really, really felt for her, and as sexy and honest as Brooks is, I kinda wanted to punch him in the gut for breaking her heart. Even he knows she doesn't deserve to be treated that way -- though that didn't stop him from leaving her sobbing like a baby on a pier in Antigua.


Next week's episode is really going to be interesting to watch. But even given tonight's devastating turn of events, I still think I know what will happen on The Bachelorette finale. Fingers crossed that I'm right.

Were you shocked when Brooks broke up with Desiree?


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nonmember avatar Marcia

Wasn't this the dude who, early on, discussed his plan to make the final three so he had a shot at being the next bachelor? This load of sorry I don't love you crap is exactly what he wanted. He's getting attention, and he's eating up all the drama, with visions of bachelorette-shaped sugarplums dancing in his head.

Sara Stockwell

Marcia:  That was James.  He's gone.

Yolanda Vigno

No, I am not surprised. She is more into him than he into her. She has her mind set on him than any other guy in the show. That is not good. To me I know that he is not falling in love with Des because when Des said that she is running to the finish line, he admits when talking to camera he is not at that stage meaning he is not into her yet. It is better to say no now than proposing at the end of the show when deep down he knows that they are not at the same page. I know it hurt, but it is good for her to know the truth sooner than later. Des,he made a decision that is good for you and him. One day you will be grateful for his decision when you find the man that loves and adores you.

nonmember avatar carol

Surprised? NO NO NO..Brooks always seemed like he was holding back. It didn't take a writer/watcher genius to know the BIG shocker Chris said the never in it's history would be Someone dumping Desiree. It was just who?.. So now either Desiree chooses one ofthe two left to marry although she declared her "in love" with Brooks & would marry him or go home. BUT another scenario..Brooks realizes now he does love Desiree & wants to commit so makes surprise return declaring his undying love to her..now that would be something..surprising? NO NO NO but certainly the most different..The END.LOL)

nonmember avatar Christina

Why was how he broke up with her so bad? He obviously felt bad. Would people have preferred he send a text? This show moves so fast and he barely had time to really evaluate his feelings. He likes her, but most people don't fall in love that fast. And that's ok. Breakups are difficult no matter what, at least he showed thought, honesty and sincerity in his execution. And Des better end the show. She has two men who openly admit they want to marry her, yet as Brooks is breaking up with her she tells him she loves him and he was always her first choice. Drew and Chris don't deserve to be sloppy seconds. They'd break up with her anyway after watching the show back - or should.

nonmember avatar me

I say good for him. If he wasnt feeling it, why pretend and go on to the finale and dump her there? It sucks for her but lets be realistic here, its not like this series is the surefire way to find your soulmate...

Don Eyre

At least he told her before the date and the fantasy suite.
Got to give him credit for that.

nonmember avatar ellen

Hmmm... we didn't see Brooks leave the island did we? This episode was so scripted - can't believe this ruse. Brooks will be back - just watch and see !!

nonmember avatar Lala

I bet Brooks comes back on the second half.... He relizes he dose love her blah blah blah. The end

Mike Cobb

So like the opening line from the TV show Cops, is Desiree going to sing ... "Whatcha gonna do when they (Drew and Chris) come for you?"  Are ya gonna say, "The man I have loved since the first day has dumped me.  My heart is broken.  I could never love you as much as I love him.  You can go home now, if you want.  Or, we can get married as long as you never forget that you were my second choice."  It appears the cat is about to get out of the bag, and The Bachelorette is going to have to face the music ... from three men, not just one.  I'm almost looking forward to that last show. 

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