'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley Stand Alone

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi When it comes to The Real Housewives of Orange County, it seems someone always has to be the odd one out. Most of them have had a turn (or two), but after Alexis and Jim Bellino's long stint last year, it seems Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley have taken over as the ones to hate.

While Gretchen's elaborate proposal to Slade was actually quite sweet (no matter how annoying they may be in general), it was really sad that none of the ladies were there to celebrate with them. And boy did they ever miss out -- Slade's brother Kent would have been worth it. Gretchen called him the "Swamp People version of Slade," which wasn't very nice, but he was a character for sure. More Kent, please. He could really spice things up in the O.C.

Anyway, Gretchen only wanted her nearest and dearest there, and none of the other Real Housewives are near or dear to her right now. In fact, they're all pretty much pissed at her for one reason or another.

Slade calling Vicki "Tupperware Face" didn't help that relationship, and Heather was still pissed about how Gretchen and Slade acted at her Hot in Cleveland appearance and the whole Malibu Country business. Alexis tried to patch things up with Gretchen last week, and that didn't work out AT ALL; and she and Tamra haven't spoken since the whole fiasco in Whistler. Oh, and Lydia McLaughlin is really pissed about being called "cheeseburger." So yeah, Gretchen and Slade stand alone.

Vicki did invite them to her winter wonderland party, with the intent of confronting Slade, but Gretchen and Slade planned not to mention their engagement to anyone because they didn't want anyone to spoil their happiness. Good thinking, but given the fact that everyone was sitting around bashing them when they walked in, I'm guessing they're not going to leave happy regardless of what they share.

Next week is the finale, and I can't wait to see what's going to go down before the ladies take to the couches. How great would it be if someone ended up in the pool with Vicki's seals?

Are you surprised that Gretchen and Slade are now the odd couple out? What did you think of the engagement?


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nonmember avatar Karen Smitg

I think Gretchen's only purpose for purposing to Slade was to up stage Tamara & Eddie. But that has always been her true colors. She just took off a year.

nonmember avatar lori

Wasn't her fiancé's name Jeff?? They deserve each other. They are both idiot douche bags.

nonmember avatar Roni gomez

I love Gretchen's decisions from the get go. From a year ago to now. To me she is the real friend I would love to have. I am glad she didn't invite the other girls cause all they would've done is talk smack. These girls can never be happy for one another. I am happy for her and her purposal made me cry. You go Gretchen!

nonmember avatar Swamp Witch

Slade is Hot Garbage but if gretchen wants to Marry him she is welcome to the DeadBeat !

nonmember avatar Barbara Kennedy

I just find it amazing that women always speak of 'sisterhood' but can't wait to get into drama on each other. Enough with the drama already! Just live yourself and get along!!!

What I wanted to say, and my question is, couldn't someone have thought of an electric razor for Slade? That week's growth kind of destroyed the whole 'James Bond' mood. It even looked as if after the proposal was excepted, Gretchen kissed him at arm's length. Not very passionate? It appeared as if she was afraid of the whiskers?

Norma Starnes Sawyer

Tamara has to keep the pot stirred so  i think she staged all this just so she could have someone in the hot seat!  She never intended for her and Gretchen to be longterm friends!

Debbie Page Lazzara

um Lori Jeff is dead, he's the one who died from cancer.And to all the Gretchen haters just think back to how she was treated by Tamara and Vicki in the beginning, they were HORRIBLE to that girl, Not to mention how they treated Slade .And slade"s not a douch to all people just the ones who treated him bad.

nonmember avatar Tracie Mitchell

I like Gretchen and Slade. I like most of the girls but they are catty only can have one friend at a time. Congrats Gretchen and Slade. They did treat her like crap when she joined. But drama is way we watch. "RIGHT"

nonmember avatar Kathy

I find it interesting how holy roller Lydia holds a grudge. She's the phoniest of the litter. I used to like Heather but she has def shown her true colors this year. And yes Vickie's face is plastic and yes she is an idiot - and let's face it UGLY. She's right, everyone else is wrong. And she is a huge hypocrit. Love how Brooks recently threw her under the bus. The way they all treat each other and then are all so forgiving isn't the real world, sorry. I'm glad to know that Gretchen only has to socialize with these people on screen and going to their parties would be optional for me. So yes it's now Gretchen's turn - Alexis, Heather and Lydia are in the wings tho. Vickie, Tamra and yes Gretchen will again turn on them one at a time.

Joanne Hester

I use to like Gretchen and defended her, but when she teamed up with Tamara after how cruel Tamara had been to her,  then turn on Alexis. I felt sad, Alexis had been a good friend to her,  I do think her and Slade have love for one another. Gretchen and Tamara have been mean girls.  Vicky stays the same! I like Alexis, Lydia.

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