Wild & Uncensored ‘RHOBH’ Star Gets a Crazy Spinoff That Won’t Disappoint

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real housewives of BHNew week and new Real Housewives spin-off rumors. This time it's one of the ladies from the Beverly Hills bitch fest who is in talks to get her own show. And it's one of the craziest of the well-heeled crew.

The winner of her own TV show? Marisa Zanuck. One of the newest wives, she certainly made an impact this past season. She is best remembered for the outrageous things that came out of her mouth -- most notably about her husband, movie producer Dean Zanuck. At a dinner with castmate Brandi Glanville, she talked about her husband not being her type while he was sitting right beside her. Even brash Brandi thought it was rude and disrespectful.

Later Marisa admitted her wrongdoing: "Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain thinks, but that's me," she wrote on her Bravo blog. Well, a new show promises plenty more of her foot firmly planted in her mouth. It's no secret that Marisa won't be popping up on RHOBH next season -- she says she quit the show. But when a fan expressed sadness over the departure, the reality star wrote, "u will be seeing me and the whole family very soon!" The series is apparently in development and more info will be released about it soon.

That promises to be a can't-miss show (though sources say it probably won't be on Bravo). This woman will say whatever she wants, regardless of how offensive it may be. She's rude, rich, and speaks her mind. If that doesn't make for great reality TV, I don't know what does. You will either love her or love to hate her.

Will you watch Marisa's show?


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youth... youthfulsoul

She's boring as hell so probably not.

romab... romab1126

Didn't like het

nonmember avatar Rhapsie Zhanafa

NO,!!! Absolutely not!! Too boring ... was soooo glad to see he LEAVE! Please don't waste time on her. Give Brandi her own spinoff. Now THAT WOULD be worth watching! :-)

nonmember avatar J murphy

Better get the divorce papers ready.

Cye Cye


geral... geraldine1951

no, because she is so rude, she may be saying it is all in fun, but she is tearing her husband down....guess what sweetie..... you are a BITCH

Angi Blackstock Kelly

No, I really don't like her.. Now if Brandi had her own show I would watch that ! Just don't replace her with Faye on the show because then i would not watch the show at all!


Deb Walsh

I don't believe I will.  Very surprised she's getting her own spin off.  I didn't even remember who she was,  had to look her up to see what she looked like...LMAO...!!!bad

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