Robert Pattinson Isn’t Ruling Out Getting Back With Kristen Stewart -- Is He Crazy?

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartLike some hockey-masked, knife-wielding maniac who just won't die, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may not be done yet! Sources say that Rob isn't ruling out the idea of the pair getting back together in the future, but now isn't the time or place. A source tells HollywoodLife:

At this point, Rob’s just going to focus on making great cinema and hanging out with his friends. He’s told his friends that during a different time and different circumstances, they could make it work.

It's not unheard of for couples to get back together weeks, months, or even years after their split. But whether or not that works out depends on what happened during their time apart.

Did the couple do internal work, learn how to be a complete person without their ex? Did each person come to terms with what broke the relationship apart and learn to either deal with that or forgive it?

Too many times couples allow the "miss you" factor to determine whether or not they get back together. But what you might be missing is just the dysfunction. The chance to "make it all right" -- to gain control of the situation again, rather than genuinely missing what you had with that person. When you miss someone in the right way, you miss ALL of that person, not "Well, I miss this, but I could really do without x, y, and z."

Chances are if you get back together, you will still have to deal with x, y, and z, because in general people do not change significantly. If they do, it's always a struggle -- and they could have relapses in their behavior.

It's pretty obvious by now that Rob hadn't gotten over Kristen's "affair" (or whatever exactly it was) with Rupert Sanders. He may have thought he did, but when the pair's intimacy level ratcheted up again, he probably got scared. Who can blame him? A source told HollywoodLife:

Her cheating basically opened other doors in their relationship of what they didn’t like [about] each other.

Yeah, sounds like things weren't going that well even before the cheating.

Couples who reunite and have the best chance of making it are ones where the split was due to something external, such as distance, or parents who didn't approve, or an education that needed to be completed. Once those externals are removed, if they reunite, it can work out well.

Couples who reunite because they still long for each other despite the inevitable mess of their pairing will hit against all of the old issues again -- and probably deal with them in the exact same fashion. Which will lead to the exact same conclusion. Another breakup. Given all of the drama and lack of trust between these two, a reunion is probably another one-way ticket to Splitsville.

But Rob and Kristen might stand a chance when they're much older. And massive A-list fame has given way to Celebrity Rehab. Haha. Let's hope not.

Have you ever reunited with an ex?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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Michale Burch Hess

The article are starting with them getting back together. When they have been together all this time.catbutterflyholding balloons

nonmember avatar Jul

They have been together all this time but there hadn't been sighting or pap pictures of them together at all in 3 months?!
Yet they have been everywhere separately... Idts

Manda Sylvester



Shannon Lock

yes and it worked for like a month lol but we were to different people we get along better as friends than we ever did as a couple

nonmember avatar kelly

Got back together with mine & weve been back together another 2 year's & had a baby 8 months ago. Doin better now then ever

nonmember avatar guest

That's if she'll have him. Why do people assume that its his decision. She may have decided that she's better off without him and his party life.

nonmember avatar faithful

I'm so sick and tired of her so called cheating being an issue. No one ever wants to know how many times this asshole cheated on her. Why she covers up for him I just don't get. Move On Kristen you will be so better off once you get rid of this British egomaniac.

nonmember avatar Clumsy K

I Kind Of Really Hope That These Two Do Get Back Together...Because It Means That There Really Is Still Hope For Love In Situations Like These.

nonmember avatar Moe

While we were in high school, I cheated with my boyfriend at the time but after a year we got back together. We were on-again, off-again so many times, that we actually stayed together and made it work for 14years have 2 kids together as well and not married.

nonmember avatar Jimmy

There made for each other, they need to do whats best for them but I love robet pattinson!!!!

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