'Glee' Co-Stars Plan to Honor Cory Monteith’s Memory for Years to Come

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Cory MonteithThere's no doubting that Cory Monteith's shocking death on July 13 shook all of Hollywood. As time carries on, Monteith's Glee co-stars are slowly speaking out, sharing their grief and memories of their friend and brother with the world. The cast and crew gathered last Thursday for a memorial service, an emotional celebration of Cory's life.

Now, his cast mates are coming together once again to remember his legacy in another way: a scholarship. According to InTouch, Adam Shankman, who directed several episodes of the hit series, announced a scholarship in honor of the late actor at a gala for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, a dance charity, over the weekend. Some of Cory's co-stars have already donated money to the scholarship through the Dance Educators of America, including Harry Shum Jr., Jenna Ushkowitz, Darren Criss, and Jane Lynch.

Wow. What a beautiful, beautiful gesture.

When you lose someone close to you, it's hard to put aside your feelings of grief and move forward. For the cast of Glee, who is just about to reunite and film the next season, they're constantly reminded that one of their best friends and co-stars won't be around to join them. To say that's painful, well, that's an understatement.

By putting their support behind this charity, though, Cory's co-stars are thinking about the future. It hurts my heart thinking that people may just remember Cory as another star who died of drug abuse instead of his fantastic legacy. This scholarship enables other upcoming artists to develop their talents and harvest them the way Cory did. It's a beautiful opportunity. This scholarship fund will commemorate Cory and his beautiful legacy for many years to come.

What is your favorite memory of Cory Monteith?


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Sammy... SammyMama

OMG what is this trashy spam above?!

This scholarship is a fantastic idea.  Love it.

Hard to pick a fave, but I really loved Cory singing 'I'll Stand By You' to Quinn's sonogram picture... so sad.

nonmember avatar sarah

favorite finn moment.
when santana tricks brody into the hotel room with finn in the bathroom. finn walks out and tells brody whats the best thing for him to do. and then punches brody and says stay away from his future wife.
reason y. because finns face said it all that he wanted to beat the crap outta brody but he respects rachel to much to hit him so he held himself back.

Edna Gonzales

During his mom's wedding when he sings Just The WaybYou Are to Kurt. That made me cry..


Lori-Ann Gonsalves

The time he dressed up as lady gaga and defended Kurt...

Sarah Marie Sleder

when he sings " girls just want to have fun " to satana

Kristina Losito

Def a toss up between the "Furt" moment and him singing to Quinn's sonogram photo.

Denise Yates

He was a drug addict and he overdosed. The last thing people should do is honor him. He should be used as an example yo teach our kids about the danger of drugs. You people are glorifying a drug addict.

Paul Clark

Yes he was an addict.  He was sick.  No doubt about it.  But he was also a talented individual who was also very kind to the people he met, especially those who are not fortunate to have what he gained through that talent.  He was generous with his time, especially to his fans, friends and family.  It is sad that he died because of an overdose.  No one deserves that fate.  Cory's legacy will be tarnished, this is certain.  But would you say the same of Michael Jackson?  Though the scope of Cory's legacy is small in comparison to Jackson's both where equally generous.  But MJ's legacy is tarnished in a similar fashion.  Michael was sick too.  But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't celebrate their work and their generosity towards others.  

nonmember avatar V smith

Denise Yates I hope your holier than thou attitude is knocked out of the universe when all of your kids grow up perfect making no mistakes. Not likely. Obviously you had a perfect childhood as well and made no mistakes. Look inwards before you post your outdated, old, and hypocritical cruel comments. If the stigma of any addiction went away by people like you these individuals would not be so ashamed to get the help they need! They need help not criticism. He was an amazing individual who was a beautiful person in and out. He took care of a lot of other people and charities and spread love selflessly. Have a good life in your perfect house and your perfect life.

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