Lea Michele Breaks Silence for First Time Since Boyfriend Cory Monteith’s Death (PHOTO)

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lea michele, corey monteithSince Cory Monteith's death from a reported heroin and alcohol overdose, Glee fans have wondered about two things. 1) How will the show go on with out him? And, more importantly, 2) how is Cory's girlfriend and castmate Lea Michele coping? Well, Lea has finally spoken out for the first time since the devastating news hit. In a sweet, heartfelt tweet, the star shared a photo and told fans how she is doing.

lea michele tweetIt's wonderful to see that Lea is healing, but our hearts still break for her. It was clear from her many interviews before his untimely passing that he was the love of her life. In Marie Claire Mexico's recent issue, she had called him "the best person I know, he has made my life so incredible, and I am so thankful for him and not only to have him as a partner but also as a co-worker."

It certainly will be hard for her to get back to normal without him. He was so much a part of every aspect of her life. Let's just hope she has the love and support she needs from friends and family to move forward.

Do you have any words of encouragement for Lea?


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nonmember avatar Caroline

Lea is a true inspiration. I can't imagine being in her position but she is so strong and my thoughts and prayers are with her.

Delphine Etournay

je suis avec toi Léa et courage soin forte on t'aime fort

nonmember avatar Em

I wouldn't call her an"inspiration" . It's sad, but come on. She was having sex with an IV drug user. Gross.

Scrlt... ScrltBegonia

You don't have to shoot heroin you obtuse individual. Go crawl back under your hole.

Jessica Caffey

I think she is a strong individual and is handling this situation the best she knows how! There is no need to be nasty about it! It's sad that someone has to say something insensitive and cruel to make themselves feel better!

nonmember avatar Cara

Em, that's your opinion, but its extremely insensitive. Her boyfriend just passed away and she did all she could to help him. I think you should just keep your mouth shut if you have something disrespectful to say about this poor young woman.

Seren... SerenityDark

Em, First that comment was very rude. Next herion can be smoked and snorted. I hope you never have to go through the loss of someone you love so dearly. I have been there and so has my sister. It is very painfully and it is hard to come back from.

Stephanie Sekellick Kelsey

I actually just started watching Glee, thanks to Netflix. They had a wonderful chemistry, and she's handling it in a classy manner, unlike some celebs. I hope she finds peace, and has a lovely future.

Nina St Clair-MacPherson

Oh wow..>I think the lead in for this posting was "Do you have any words of encouragement for Lea?" not let's see how bad we can make her feel if ever she should read these posts....incredible!!! I hope she has found the strength to cope with the loss of a dear friend and co-worker. She has a wonderful support group as do the entire Glee cast. Prayers and positive vibes your way!!

Mommy... Mommynwife26

Wow I am shocked at the comment, there are many, many people who have addictions. He had this long before she was around and he was clean for a lot of his adult life. For some reason he had decided to turn back to drugs and she did an intervention and got him back in rehab, she had been supportive of him getting clean and till that night he might have been clean. Plus as others said it didn't need to be a needle. She is truly an insperation by how she is handeling this situation, she could be falling apart, leaving Glee and being a werck but she is doing this so gracefully it's amazing. I pray that she keeps staying strong in this hard time.

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