'The Bachelorette' Season Finale: Who Will Desiree Pick? (VIDEO)

Ah, yes! It's the night we've all been waiting for -- the season finale of The Bachelorette! But since it's only part one of the two-part finale, will we be getting the answers to the questions we so desperately need? Who goes home? Who does Desiree pick? WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON TONIGHT'S EPISODE? Check out this intense Bachelorette debate below and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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Who do you think goes home tonight?

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Charlessa Coats Springberg

i think Brooks goes home by his own choosing. he eliminates himself. he likes des but he isnt in love with her.

Cathy Super-Witwer

I think Brooks goes home of his own choosing.

Cathy Neumann-Bearse

Well because I have an in .. I hate to tell you this but in fact Brooks takes himself out and she goes on quiet and then Drew leaves but Chris is too far in love with her to walk away so he finds her and he purposes .. and bam there you have it!


Geraldine Torres-Santoli

Brooks goes home to talk to his mom.. and desiree send the other 2 home also.. then brook will come back...

Geraldine Torres-Santoli

don't like Cathy Newmann-Bearse's comment... Why would she accept his proposal if she is so in love with Brooks.

Laura Bracewell

I think she wants to be with Drew. But...he isn't in love with her.

Laura Bracewell

Dang....I mean Brooks, not Drew.


the bach producers are very transparent! they r showing these clips to throw the audience off. they want the audience to think there's not a happy ending and that she doesn't pick Brooks. bad acting and bad producing! of course there's a happy ending and she chooses Brooks the producers are so obviously transparent


Such bad producers and bad acting. It's getting so fake and predictable! you watch there will be a happy ending and Des and Brooks wind up together no matter what the producers are trying to do with the stupid clips

nonmember avatar julia

well... brooks made it clear that he didnt love her... he left ppl... he aint coming back. i think she breaks down to the other two...chris and drew and tell them that she is very heart broken and needs time... then pulls herself together...and moves forward with the choosing. i think she will choose drew.

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