Farrah Abraham’s Sexy Billboard Is a Sad Reminder of What She’s Become (PHOTO)

I'm sorry, but I have to ask ... what in the world happened to Farrah Abraham? I know we all love to poke fun and roll our eyes at the Teen Mom, but seriously, what the hell is she doing with her life? It seems like she's constantly attending these sleazy nightclubs, and honestly I'm starting to feel really bad for the girl. With the reputation she's got now, the only thing she'll ever be known for is her sex tape. What a shame.

Didn't she want to open up her own restaurant? Wasn't she supposed to write more best-selling books? What happened to the young mom who wanted to set a good example for other girls?

It seems like Farrah has totally embraced this sex symbol status. It's like she doesn't care that people are gawking at her solely because she did the deed on camera. And now, the girl who once claimed that tape was never supposed to see the light of day is perfectly okay with being on a Gentlemen's Club billboard. Check out the photo that Farrah shared oh-so-proudly:

Yep, there she is. Blown up on Las Vegas boulevard for all to see. Farrah shared this photo with the caption: Look who is all over #LasVegas billboards :) can't wait! @CrazyHorselll Aug.20th! See you there.

This is sad, you guys. It's as if she wants to be associated with her sex tape. Other stars cringe at the mention of their dirty laundry, but Farrah? She seems happier than ever, and that just bums me out. She's had so many chances to turn her life around, but it seems like she's perfectly content with the lifestyle she's leading. And I think she can officially throw her dreams of being a role model out the window. Let's be real here, it's not like she's going to gentlemen's clubs for milk and cookies.

Are you surprised to see Farrah on a Gentlemen's Club billboard?

Image via F1abraham/Twitter

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Corina Mateo

Sorry, but she's absolutely a Slut and a HORRIBLE Role Model!
I wish Her mother would take custody of poor Sophia and not let Farrah see her until she grows up and starts acting like a mother and not a "Kate Gosslin Desperate for $ and Fame"
IT's Disgusting and she has the nerve to badmouth the other teen moms!? wow-
I really hope when she finally grows up and sees what she's said and done she shakes her head in shame and is embarrassed by it....
The worst part is she isn't thinking about what her daughter will think of her ...she may be too young now- but she's won't stay a 4 forever..she WILL grow up and poor Sophia will not wanna be around her mother and be disgusted!
I hate seeing thing on the news or FB about Farrah- every time I do...I SMH and cringe as to what she did now....

Adrianne Sandoval

I dont necessarily agree with her acctions but she is an adult and its her choice what she does with her life. If thats the image she wants give off HEY get it girl. But we shouldnt be judging her. At the end of the day she only has to answer to god, herself and her child when she starts to ask.

Dayton Boyd

I like you Farrah..........If I was in Vegas Aug. 20th I'd go and see her to get my jollies off. Your Great looking Farrah!!

MsLin... MsLinneyMinnie

this girl is the result of the constant sexuallization in the media, its starting to effect girls younger and younger

King-David Lane

It's not a sex tape it's a porn. she shot it with a porn star. Quit passing along that foolishness. the only reason she is famous is sex. The porn & before that getting pregnant while underage. Sex is her entire career she should embrace it.

numba... numba_1_stunna

I think she always wanted to be like Kim K. and that she always wanted to be a porn start as well, but didn't want to LOOK like that was her goal, so she did it in a really poorly disguised secret way "oops my private porn that was shot by a porn company with a real porn start was leaked!".

Erin Elizabeth Brower

Farrah is a Moron, And She Should Be Ashamed of Herself. Doing this Instead of Being A mother!! Sophia Should Be Taken Away!!!

Tonya Lewis

she can do what she wants to do. if this is what she wants to do for a living then let her do it. do u know how many mothers r out there that do this? the only reason why yall think its wrong is bc she been on T.V and yall all think yall know what she needs to do. Leave her alone and let her live her life. YOU don't know what she is going throw and YOU don't know how her life is like so Shut the Hell up PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! its not right for all u people to try to step in and tell her what she should be doing! Shut the HELL UP AGAIN and worry about your own life!
Thank you Much,
Tonya M. Lewis
p.s Its cool Farrah I have your back!! ^_^

nonmember avatar kaerae

Farrah's lucky Sophia's dad is dead, because if her weren't she'd have lost custody of Sophia to him a looooong time ago. And she's not doing any of this out of necessity. Her parents own many rentals that they have offered her dirt cheap, offered to help her jobs, money, tuition, etc. Plus she mad a lot off MTV and could have bought a nice little home, college tuition, etc. with that.

Jennifer Twers

@ Kaetae I agree she isn't living life a mother should. She's also setting a horrible example for her child.


I personally think someone on Dericks (Uh i think that was his name) side should try to take her away from Farraeh. I have no doubt her child is going to be teen mom as well. Way to set a example for her Farraeh! 

Only thing she's good at is being a whore, what a low life scum you dirty tramp! Grow the hell up! I can't even imagine ever leading as a example like this to any child. I know this is wrong to say, but once Farraeh dies the world will get a little better. No I'm not wishing death on her but I'm just making a statement. 

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