Farrah Abraham Got Physical With Rehab Nurse, Says D-List Celebrity Who Witnessed It

farrah abrahamIf you have an abundance of time on your hands, or don't have many interesting things going on, you've probably been following the recent goings on of Farrah Abraham. If not, I'll catch you up: After her big porn debut and a weird public fight with Charlie Sheen, Farrah checked herself into rehab -- not because she had "like, an actual issue," but because she simply wanted to become a better person. But before the Teen Mom star made this insane declaration, it was made public that she was actually kicked out of rehab for out of control behavior. The end.

But now it's coming out that "out of control behavior" actually meant Farrah "got physical" with a nurse. This, according to random and surely rock solid source, Michael Lohan.

Lohan, who is a spokesperson and interventionist at The Lukens Institute, recently called in to a radio show to talk about Farrah's behavior while she was there. He said: "She would go on tirades. She was very abusive towards staff, especially the nurse at our place. She physically cornered the lady."

Now, I realize that everything Michael Lohan says and does needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but if this proves to be true, looks like Farrah's "real" intention behind rehab was a bust. If she was cornering nurses and going off on tirades, her ploy to attend rehab simply for the therapy didn't work. Shocker. And side note, why would anyone attend a rehab facility that Michael Lohan works at? And side note on top of my side note, why is Michael Lohan disclosing patient information on morning radio shows?

If Farrah truly wants to become a better person, she should enroll in an anger management course on top of regular ol' therapy. And, if I may, I'd like to recommend a facility that doesn't employ out of control dads of out of control actresses. Just a suggestion.

What do you think of Farrah's behavior?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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peanu... peanutsmommy1

I think if Michael Lohan ACTUALLY worked there, he just got himself fired for violating patient confidentiality


Surely you're not saying she's an alphabet above?

chech... chechimansmama

Hes not divulging personal information. Hes talking about her behavior at the center.

texas... texassahm

I agree with peanutsmommy1 - Total violation of HIPPA laws was all I could think about while reading the article.  

checkimansmama, her behavior at the center is all confidential because it is an in-treatment facility, so everything they do for her is considered part of her treatment, therefore covered under HIPPA laws.

If I'm put under anesthesia for a procedure, then I come out of it and I'm physically or emotionally aggressive, that is my behavior, but it's still covered under HIPPA laws because I'm under a doctor's care.

nonmember avatar doreen

She is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside,,,she is nothing but a know it all but pure iddiot and this is what's so entertaining, feel sorry for her daughter and family, but she knows it all...all the other teen moms were cute and grew from this ,,,,but this chick omg hope she can see what we do on the repeats and tabloids ...she is just an ugly and hope Sophi does not get stuck with her for a mom!

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