'Sister Wives' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Robyn Makes Janelle Feel Bad for Really Stupid Reason (VIDEO)

janelleI don't know about you guys, but if I had to crown the Most Long-Suffering Sister Wife, I think my choice would have to be Janelle. Sure, it would be a close call between Wife #2 and Meri, but Janelle's always gotten the shortest end of the stick, in my opinion. And the season 4 premiere of Sister Wives was no exception. (And yes, a bunch of other stuff happened with a bunch of the other wives, but first let's talk about Janelle. Cause NOBODY EVER DOES!)

The episode started out with Janelle getting super pumped up about her weight loss -- sort of. See, apparently she lost 20 pounds in 90 days (hooray!) and then hit one of those inevitable workout plateaus. Which, of course, made her sad. Even though, as her uber-supportive trainer explained, she's gaining muscle!!! Still. 

Janelle is discouraged, and I can't say I blame her. So it was really messed up of Robyn to throw her plus-size status in her face just because Janelle called the doomed-to-fail My SisterWife's Closet a "hobby business":

"I've been begging you to do the plus-size clothing line -- this is your niche! I know you want these pieces, I know you do ... "

Ouch. Low blow, Robyn.

And it gets worse! Because later, Janelle and Christine get the bad news that they might not get to be in their houses by Christmas -- because Robyn is dragging her ass about some paperwork. (Confusing, I know, but apparently Robyn's financial problems and Meri's overinvolvement at the construction site are screwing up everything for Janelle and Christine. Cause that's fair?!)

SO when Janelle shows up at Robyn's house, we expect the worst -- but no!! Janelle went over there to tell Robyn she WILL be more involved in My SisterWife's Closet ... because she's unhappy with the plus-size workout clothes currently on the market and realized she could use the business to her own advantage, clothing-wise.

But here's the best part. When Janelle explained all this to Kody (who told her she shouldn't give up the business yet) and told him he was right, he goes:

"If a woman tells her husband he's right in the forest and nobody hears, is he still right?"

And then Robyn cried. CRY, ROBYN, CRY.

Sigh. Here, check out this clip of Kody being completely not that helpful and Janelle looking like she needs some Advil:

What do you think?

Is Kody right even though he's in a forest (or whatever the crap he was trying to say)?!


Image via TLC

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caleb... calebsmama12312

I thought the premiere was last week?

Ember... Emberbaby

@calebsmama- it was. This  episode the stir writer is talking about and wrongfully titles the premiere, is actually the second episode. Lol  

nonmember avatar Lora

This episode was just so disturbing. I haven't been a fan of Jenelle's until now. I feel so sorry for the woman. Robyn is so far in outerspace it's ridiculous. Why does she think they ALL want to run her jewelry line? Why should they have to? Why can't she and Meri run the jewelry line (which is all ugly and overpriced anyway) and the others do their own thing? There is no reason the entire family should have to do that. And Kodi was a complete dunce when the kids were acting up. What a nightmare to be married to that goof. I wish Jenelle would get out. Hell, I wish they'd all get out and leave him with Robyn.

nonmember avatar HS

While I do feel bad for Janelle, because nobody ever really acknowledges her, and Kody was SUPER unhelpful, I don't think the author should put Robyn down, either. She is the newest to this family, and the wives are really open with the fact that it takes YEARS for the wives to learn how to interact with each other when a new one is added.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Um. Did we watch the same episode? The premiere was about their trade show in St. George, UT.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Ah. I see it was mistitled (I haven't watched the second episode yet).

nonmember avatar lea

Hey Jenell. You are looking better and better. Keep up the good work. One thing all 3 of you ladies did was let that Robin in. That was the BIGGEST mistake EVER. All of you better watch your BACK WITH ROBIN. She is not very nice!!!! Good luck and keep up the good work.

scotty69 scotty69

I do have sympathy for Janell, but my continuing queston is --where do they get all their money from??  How do they come up with money for public schools, clothing, ect for the kids, cars for each wife, rent payments, utilities, car gas, internet, all the things they show on their show?  Doesn't even seem like Cody is working. 

nonmember avatar Twafter

Entirely way too much attention is constantly being spent with or on Robyn. Its obvious that she is the 'favorite'. Which is amusing because the other wives pull their weight. Every time Robyn does something she acts like a huge deal should be made. I'm tired of her always playing the martyr. In all honesty that family was better off without the addition of #4.

Meliz... Melizzi1965

Don't feel sorry for Janelle people!! No...she is one smart, shrewd cookie. I mean that as a compliment! They've all chosen this lifestyle & that is their cross to bear. Christine stays bcuz she does not value or esteem her own worth! Meri is Queen-Bee & has the only legal rights to any and all marriage/spousal fiduciaries/assets that will eventually unfold. Robin...a mere token of unabashed fancy & the newest plaything for Kode-the-Toad. Janelle will have the world by the cojones if/when she opts out (again!!).

(Keep up the great work Janelle..u can do it!!!)

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