'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Brody Jenner Calls Out Kris Jenner for Being Materialistic

Brody JennerThings went from tense to weirdly uncomfortable to an all-out confrontation between Kris and Brody Jenner tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Things started off on the wrong foot when she didn't even invite him to Greece, then she spent the majority of the trip trying to win him over with awkward attempts that made everyone squirm. That scene in which she rubbed sunscreen on his back was one of the most cringe-worthy in KUWTK history -- and that's saying a lot!

Kris kept claiming he just didn't understand her. “I feel like he sort of judges me. A lot of times, he takes me the wrong way. Like he doesn’t get my humor ... I just want him to be part of the family.” But what she wasn't getting is that he's spent his life loathing her, and she hasn't done much to try and make anything better. And it was really up to her (who's supposed to be the adult) -- not him -- to do so.

At one point Brody told the cameras, "Over the years growing up, I thought Kris was the reason I didn’t see my father and kind of painted her as the villain.” Hearing how Bruce can't even have a putting green and seeing Kris boss him around all the time hasn't helped. I thought that would be Brody's big issue -- that he didn't like how she treats his dad -- but when they sat down, he revealed something different.

He accused her of loving her lavish lifestyle more than anything else. He told her she needs to look at her life and ask what's really important. When she said the most important thing to her is that all of her kids are happy, he snapped back, "That's a lie." Then: "I don’t think you’ve ever given two shits about the way Brandon and I have grown up.” Ouch.

Brody's a pretty mellow guy, but clearly he has a lot of pent-up feelings, and who can blame him? The fact that she didn't even invite him on this trip was pretty telling. So good for him for getting it out.

Kris didn't take it well. She started crying and told the camera:

This is one of the most hurtful attacks, I think, that has ever been thrown my way. I have tried so hard for so many years. I just don’t understand how we got here and I feel so defeated.

I'd love to hear more about how she's tried over the years. She certainly hasn't given any examples of doing so. It doesn't seem like Bruce has done much either, and I do think Brody is taking out some of his anger at his dad on Kris, which isn't fair, but it's understandable. 

The formula for KUWTK usually results in a happy ending, so I'm fully expecting to see them work through this next week and start mending their relationship or actually start building one. There are years of pain there that have built up though, so I don't think it's going to be an easy road, and nothing is going to make Kris Jenner less annoying. But hopefully things can at least start to get better between them. 

Do you think Brody went too far? Do you think Kris and Brody will mend their relationship?


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nonmember avatar mari

Good for Brody we all know the kardashian family plot there every move on camera, so good for Brody that he got a word in :)

nonmember avatar Lola Lisa

We are seeing reality tv at its best here because Brody is showing his real feelings against Kris. She's a mama pimp that only cares about her own sluttish kids.

nonmember avatar Disgusted

I think the whole fmaily is nuts....mostly Kris and Bruce. As far as Bruce's kids, I would imagin they have some prety good bees.


Good for Brody. He has felt ignored for many years by Bruce and though he is venting that frustration at Kris he must feel that Kris, as a mother of children herself, would have known how much these boys needed their father in their lives, after he divorced their mother, yet she did not push Bruce to include them in their marriage with all her children. She definitely failed both Brandon and Brody miserably. Bruce is also very much to blame. He may have tried and she may have made excuses that she was busy enough with her own four and now their two little ones, at the time. We all know she can bully Bruce terribly. Personally, he is too gentle for her strong personality. I, of course, don't understand what Bruce sees in Kris anyway, she is loud, vulgar and not at all feminine. She has all this money and not an ounce of class. Their two younger ones, are out of control with their selfies, posting half naked pics of themselves on the Internet. She has no control of those two girls. They have not finished school, so they had better get good jobs. Kendall may have her modelling but what does Kylie do? She was given a vehicle costing over $150k. I would imagine most ( if not all) their vehicles are leased through the family business. 

nonmember avatar chuck

it is so obvious to me just reading about how kris bullies her husband, william bruce, into doing what she wants and telling him he is not allowed to do what he wants, like the putting green. who is she to tell him what he can't have. brody is so right. kris not only kept william bruce from brody and his brother but also from his kids from his first marriage. kris is a piece of s h i t.

nonmember avatar veronica

Finally!! Someone has the courage to say something to her face. Without her Daughters she is Nothing. Good for Brody!! Too Bad his Dad can't man up.

nonmember avatar audra

I find that show to be incestuous on many levels. How kim is cuddling in her brothers arms while kourt ask her if her pussy got big...and kris rubbing herself on her step son? This show needs to go

Kari Drake

so i do agree with brody to some degree however bruce is not totally innocent in all of this. he is the boys' father. if he wanted to see them then that was on him not kris. now do i think kris is materialistic yes and i think she can't stand the fact that she gave up the kardashian name,  she lives through her children's notoreity and is now doing the same with kendall and kylie. she loves them yes, but she also envies them

hexxuss hexxuss

So Brody has already confronted his father, or tried to anyway, AND told Kris off in a way... I never thought I'd have one ounce of respect for anyone in that group, but I stand (delightfully) corrected!!! Good for him!!!   I think given a choice, I'd have to go with #TeamJenner now lol

mommy... mommyinthe303


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