'Princesses: Long Island' Recap: Amanda's Mom Wants Her to Be Single Forever

princesses long islandIt's completely obvious that Bravo, aka Andy Cohen, wanted the focus of this week's Princesses: Long Island to be on Joey and Ashlee's dull and annoying feud, but let's be honest, the whole thing is extremely blasé. It's probably a punishable crime to go against the King of Reality TV's wishes, but I just can't talk about Joey and Ashlee anymore. Their fight doesn't deserve any more attention. I mean, how many times can we listen to Joey call Ashlee ugly?

Believe me, I like a good gossipy reality TV cat fight as much as the next gal, but unless you're flipping tables a la Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey or throwing drinks like Princess Chanel, I'd rather talk about my favorite reality TV couple that I love to hate: Amanda and Jeff.


Ladies, is it just me, or is Amanda and Jeff's slobbery relationship (literally and figuratively) starting to be totally awesome? Yes, they might participate in way more PDA than is socially acceptable, but they're kind of perfect for each other. Once you find a guy who wants to go shopping with you, you gotta grab him while you can! Amiright? Plus, I don't think there's anyone else on this earth who could handle Amanda's nasally voice (and nasally is putting it nicely).

The problem is that Amanda's mom, Babs, seems to want to kick Jeff to the curb. Jeff and his parents went over to Amanda's home for a nice family dinner and some homemade sangria (hey, Babs, do you think you put enough booze in there?), but things did not go smoothly. Babs had to chug a little extra sangria to get through the Amanda-and-Jeff-marriage conversation and went as far as to say, "She's not leaving me." How much clearer can she get?

The good news for Jeff is that I don't think it's because Babs dislikes him -- it's just because she thinks it's too soon for Amanda to get married. And let's be real, it is kind of soon to be talking about marriage. Didn't they just start dating a couple of months ago? Amanda seems to think that her mom doesn't approve because she's jealous of her daughter's happy relationship, but I think that's a little too narcissistic of Amanda to even think. Babs is probably just stressing about her first born leaving the nest!

However, Amanda is a grown woman, even if she still lives with her mother (oh, the chuckles), and she can marry Jeff whenever she wants to. If Babs doesn't approve of their relationship, Amanda might resent her mother forever, or even "block her from Facebook" (take that, Babs), but it doesn't look like it's going to stop Princess Koozie from marrying her prince of Long Island.

Do you think Babs is in the right? Are Amanda and Jeff moving too fast?


Image via Bravo

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