'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita May Be Friends Again After All

Caroline Manzo and Teresa GiduceThe reconciliation between the Gorgas and Giudices continued tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. There were tears, hugs, apologies (gasp!), and promises to communicate better. The peace feels precarious at best (drunko Melissa and the guys ice fishing together made me hella nervous), but it's the first peace these families have had in a long time, so it was a good start.

Caroline Manzo wasn't satisfied with that though; she was bound and determined to get Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita to come to some sort of resolution with each other too. Both are seriously hurting because of their imploded friendship, and while they each say they've completely moved on from one another, it's clear neither has.

Before Caroline would let Teresa catch her in the trust game, she made her promise that she'd try to resolve things with Jacqueline. Tears immediately filled Teresa's eyes, but she eventually agreed that she would. Surprisingly it was Juicy Joe who further encouraged her to patch things up with Jacqueline.

It was one of the first times I can remember him being likable and actually saying something smart. "We're going to make amends, and that's it," he told her. When she balked that Jacqueline had really hurt her, he said, "If you keep bringing up the past, you know what’s going to happen? Nothing’s ever going to get resolved." 

Then more like the Juicy we know: "Your fucking brother just fucking charged me and I got over it. Get over it."

After a few tears from them both (yes, Juicy was even crying!), Teresa agreed, and previews for next week show her calling Jacqueline saying they need to talk. Whether Jacqueline will want to remains to be seen. She has proclaimed over and over to be done with Teresa. "My issues with Teresa are things that can't be fixed," she said.

We'll see. I hope they can fix things, for both of their sakes. I think Jacqueline is (usually) a good, loyal friend who brings out the best in Teresa, and I think Jacqueline truly enjoyed Teresa's companionship before things went wrong. Neither needs this lingering negativity that's nagging at them. Their friendship may never be the same again, but I hope they are able to reach some kind of mutual forgiveness at the very least.

Do you think Teresa and Jacqueline will make up? Do you think they should?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Jac is a good, loyal friend to Teresa? Yikes! Was it her comment about how Teresa must have lost her virginity to her brother that makes you say that? Or all the other horrible comments she has to say about Teresa behind her back? Glad I don't have "friends" like that!

linzemae linzemae

Im surprised juicy was the voice of reason. They cant move on if they keep bringing up the past

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

they all need to move on. jackie should meet teresa half way. nobody's perfect in life, things others wont agree on, but if you keep living in the past, things will never get better. make the new things come alive by being honest, positive, and forgiving!

Dee Knowlton

Jac is a good friend .She was hurt 2 the deepest part of her heart !She is very loving & loyal but when T started blaming her 4 all the trouble "she "  started  Jac was hurt .Couldn't believe it I asume .I know if my best friend pulled something like that I would B so hurt .T didn't want 2 admit as always when she has done wrong .T just couldn't believe that Jac stuck up 4 herself .she thought Jsc would lie down & take it "shut up " but she didn't & old T didn't like that .T is not A good friend ,not sure if she can ever B A good friend .If  I was any of the ppl she hurt & NOW is saying she wants to rectaviy her relationship then I would alway's have my guard up .She won't change either !She will continue 2 play dirty games & try 2 pull her "friends" in & if they don't do it or B quiet about it she will stab them  She is A pathalogical lier .So the moral is yes ,their relationship can B fixed but it will never B the same & Jac will never trust her 100% ,EVER ,I know because I had a friendship & the same thing happened .I just couldn't stand all the lie's .T reminds me of "her " mine used 2 say ,'A lie is as good as the truth if U stick 2 it " ya that is just how T is also .

Patricia Viera

Jacqueline has gone nuts. she's so annoying these days. Go get more plastic surgery loser

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