'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock's Brother Says the Finale Spoilers Are All Wrong!

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Desiree Hartsock

What. The. HECK?? Just when I thought I'd totally figured out what happens on The Bachelorette finale -- Desiree Hartsock's brother, Nate Hartsock, says the spoilers are wrong. Now I really don't know what to make of the whole thing.

OMG. I already have one scenario in my head that I'm convinced is about to go down with Des and her remaining three guys, Drew, Chris, and Brooks -- but I guess there's a decent chance that I have no idea what the heck I'm talking about?

WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead.

Throughout the season, Reality Steve has insisted that Desiree picks Brooks Forester in the end, but now Nate is saying Brooks does NOT win the show (or his sister's heart).

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But if Brooks isn't the guy, who is? Does Des even pick anyone at all? Nate wouldn't divulge any more information about the finale other than this little tidbit sent via Twitter: "I cannot tell you who wins but Reality Steve is wrong."

That's a pretty bold statement, even coming from someone as outspoken as Nate. He strikes me as the type of dude who doesn't like to be proven wrong, so why would he say that Brooks does not win unless Brooks DOES NOT WIN?

This is nuts, people. If Des doesn't wind up with Brooks, odds are good she walks away from the final rose ceremony as single as she was on the very first night of the show. 

But despite Nate's claims, Reality Steve still stands by his prediction that Des and Brooks get engaged in Antigua. He said:

Despite what Nate Hartsock is telling people privately on Twitter, I stand behind my sources. From everything I have seen and gathered over the last 3 months regarding the outcome of this show, I am confident enough to say that Desiree ends up engaged to Brooks, and that’s what we’ll see come Aug. 5th. How she gets to that point is the mystery that I’m unaware of as of now, but I’m confident enough in saying that is the end result. Nate Hartsock is saying I’m wrong. I guess we’ll see once the finale airs.

Good grief. How are we supposed to wait another week to find out what really happens in the end?

Who do you believe, Nate Hartsock or Reality Steve?


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nonmember avatar BB

I think Brooks is going to back out. He has not even said he loves her. He has expressed his doubts but not to her. I think she will pick one of the other two.

hexxuss hexxuss

I'd like it if Reality Steve was wrong, but he rarely is.  Maybe Brooks leaves, another guy proposes, then changes his mind & backs out, which leaves her bawling & then Brooks comes back AFTER the final ceremony? I just gave myself a headache with that one lol.  Des needs to go watch "He's JUST not that into you" - with Brooks...

nonmember avatar Terri

I think she chooses Chris...I may be wrong...but they just connect....I dont see her and Brook connecting

Cristi Ruthven

I think Reality Steve is right... Her brother already proved to be a complete jerk and likes to push things too far so he can stir things up and get inside of people's heads.

nonmember avatar rae

Don't understand why they would even bother to have her idiot brother on. I wouldn't want to have to have him for an in-law...Probably why she never has a boyfriend.

Beth Ingram-fountain

I think RS need's to get a real life rather than spying on people seriously!!!!!

nonmember avatar Gail

Why would anyone believe her jerk of a brother?

Carol Cromer

remember - Nate is the spoiler.  I would not trust anything he said. 

Kelly Pittman

i would never believe anything des brother says hes a lier,and i think brooks does back out at the end but he comes back to  the show and he wins it was always brooks des already told us that.

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