Justin Bieber Spits on Fans in Ultimate Act of Disrespect

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Justin BieberJustin Bieber is really going out of his way lately with a charm offensive, isn't he? Between the reckless driving, the skirmishes with paparazzi, and the whizzing in a restaurant mop bucket, it's almost like he is the reincarnation of Cary Grant. But of course I am being sarcastic. He continues to act like the kind of teen you never want your kid to grow into. His latest gaffe? Bieber, who seems to love to share his spittle, was photographed spitting over the side of a railing -- directly onto his fans! Gee-ross.

Bieber is already being sued by a man for spitting on him, so you'd think that the last thing he'd want to do is keep hurling loogies, but Bieber knows that his spit has miraculous powers and can heal the afflicted. Those afflicted with Belieber disease, a condition which turns young and old alike into screeching, Bieber-worshipping zombies. This disease can make you think it's fine if Bieber punched his grandmother.

But did he take it too far this time? Hard to believe, but some Bieberphiles seem to be waking up from their brainwashed state to declare that it's just not cool that Bieber hacked saliva on his fans!

Some comments on Twitter:

- justin says he loves his beliebers but proceeds to spit on them from a balcony? i used to be a big belieber but i he’s lost all my respect.

- I’m a belieber but what Justin did was disgusting. You don’t spit on your fans. Even if they’re begging you to do it you shouldn’t it’s sick

And, you know, the sad thing is that they probably WERE begging for his magical mouth fluids. And he was all too happy to oblige.

The turn Bieber has taken is disappointing -- I remember the sweet kid who used to run to the side of terminally ill children to comfort and uplift them. But all of this seems to have made him believe he's the second coming or something.

But he's not the Messiah, he's just a mess-i-am.

What do you think of Bieber's latest antic? Do your children -- or you -- still like him?

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

I don't like him at all. His actions shouldn't be brushed away as just those of a teenager. He seems to get away with things that other people dont, just because he's Justin Bieber. If one of my kids did the things he's been doing, they would be grounded so fast, EVERYTHING taken away from them... Hopefully he matures-and quickly.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Isnt there something called "assault with a bodily fluid?" I know it can be used against criminals who attack police officers and wardens and such, but it seems that regular people should be charged with it too if they are doing it, too.

paige... paige8608

You don't spit on anyone. Period. I don't give a fuck who you are! He needs a real mama beat down. He needs his money, cars, and chains taken from him. What a disrespectful little fuck. He does not deserve his fame. Someone needs to take him down a few notches.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Cue career implosion in 3....2....1....

nonmember avatar Beth

I can't wait to watch his episode of Behind the Music in 15 years. He's our modern day Leif Garrett.

2nino... 2ninos4me

Lol at beth's comment and at the author's " messia's comment !! You both made me lol sooo bad ... And bieber is gonna be falling off his pedestal soon because he is contijuing to act like a troubled star ..... His next jn the lilo , britney , line

Noreen Wesolek

He is just disgusting ... People should boycott his concerts and really knock him down a peg or two... 

laker... lakerfan420

I got into a slight altercation with a man at Knott's Berry Farm because I asked him to control his unruly children. The man spat on me, security was called (a ride attendant saw it and actually did something) and asked if I wanted the cops called to press charges for assault. Only because I felt sorry for his brats and didn't want them to go though the CPS channels did I say no. They appeared to be like all too many kids nowadays are that have no rules and no consequences. So while at approximately 5 & 7 they should have known better, they unfortunately didn't appear to be taught that. This was back in 2005 and I hope I did the right thing, otherwise they are now teenagers and eventually karma will catch up to them. Although, I'd still kind of blame the dad for dropping the ball and not teaching his kids how to behave. I almost can't blame the child when they really don't know any better, but hopefully somebody reached them and taught them some life lessons. So yes, it seems one can be charged with assault for spitting on someone, even if they never laid hands on them.

nonmember avatar ashley

ok ive loved justin bieber ever since he started and every time my friends talk about him i freak out AHHHHHH..........LOL JUSTIN BIEBER but what he did makes me wonder if he really cares about his fans nothing against him but still ill always like him!

IHear... IHeartCake

After hearing about the restaurant incident, I had to wonder whether he has a substance abuse problem or bipolar disorder or a selfish and obnoxious sense of entitlement.  After hearing this, I wonder again.

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