Taylor Swift's Tip to Restaurant Workers Shows Just What Kind of Woman She Is

Taylor SwiftStuff it, Taylor Swift haters. Taylor Swift is da bomb! At least when it comes to how she treats restaurant workers. Chances are none of them will be writing a breakup tune about her, but they might be singing Taylor Swift songs for the next decade, given her classiness and generosity. When Taylor and some tour mates stopped into an Italian joint late-night after a show, she left some very tasty treats in her wake.

Taylor and tour mates Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone reportedly stopped into Ralph's Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia. When the head chef heard that Tay was in da houze, he was so excited because his son, who has autism, is a big fan. So is his mom.

In fact, the chef says that his mom, who takes care of his son while he's working, was so stoked to hear that Taylor was about to taste some of her son's pasta (I assume she went for pasta!) that she asked her son to snap a photo.

Not only did Taylor pose for pics with chef Shawn Gallo and some other servers, but after hearing about Shawn's son, she gifted him with two tickets to her concert! Says Shawn:

It was so kind-hearted of her. My son Shawnee is 11. It was my son's and [my] first concert we've ever been to! It was really special.

Not only that, Taylor reportedly left a $500 tip for staff. Hey, this girl paid cash for a mansion in Rhode Island for the summer. She can certainly afford it. But not every celeb is so generous.

Have you ever given or received an enormous tip?


Image via jazills/Flickr

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Jacee... Jacee2348

Good for her!  So much negative publicity these days ~ this was refreshing.

worki... workingmama86

i love her! I don't care what people say about her. My 5 year old adores her and is constantly singing her songs! lol 

nonmember avatar Jenn

Back when I was a waitress in this little place where I was the ONLY waitress, I had a large family of regulars who would come in to eat in various configurations.

One Saturday, most of the rather large group was in, but they were all paying individually. One couple came up to the till and started telling me about this friend of theirs who gives a select group of friends $1000 every year, on the condition they give $100 of it away to a person who meets a certain criteria.

That year, it was someone who offers great service. They told me that, no matter when they come in or how many of them there are, I ALWAYS gave them exceptional service. They then proceeded to hand me $100, along with the $11 or so dollars the two meals had cost.

I have never considered they would think of ME, and I was extremely touched :)

nonmember avatar Joe

Funny thing is that negative stuff about her is usually completely made up. Society really hates successful women.

nonmember avatar Amber

Rev Run (from Run DMC) once completely stiffed a friend of mine at Cracker Barrel.

s_ran... s_ranker116

I've always loved Taylor Swift, not for her music, but because she's always just seemed like such a sweet person. I'm glad there's finally a good story out there about her, it seems long overdue.

sunan... sunangel803

If I had a lot of money, I would love to give a server a huge tip.

nonmember avatar Matt

Ironically the only fans she has are mentally disabled as well as young kids who dont know any better. I'm sure her PR team called it in immediatly to tell the world as to why she's a great tipper; she deserves the plight she gets from the media.

nonmember avatar Steve

It was 30 years ago I worked at a Hyatt Regency Hotel that was near an outside music theatre outside of Chicago. I worked in room service and any time a celebrity stayed at the hotel I was the personal room service waiter for them. I was handed a order by my manager and he said it is "Special" meaning celebrity order. I proceeded
with the order to the room and when the door opened there was Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton. He was going to be there 3 nights and every night when he returned from his concert he order food. After the second night he asked if I knew who he was and I said "yes sir Mr. Newton". He then said that he was taken back by me not asking for an autograph from him? I told him that my job comes first and that I feel that he should be able to go do things with out being mobbed all the time like a normal person should. Mr. Newton then said he would like to leave me tickets for his last show to come back stage and I was extremely happy. But, when I went to the music theatre and went to the back entrance like he said he leave them the person there knew nothing about them. So, I never got to see him sing and there was no tip left for me from his room on the bill. Oh well, such is life.....

nonmember avatar Observer

Such class. Kanye would Never do such a thing. He'd leave a turd in the bowl unflushed and leave without tipping.

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