'Walking Dead' Season 4: Show Creator Says He Might Kill Daryl Because We Love Him So Much

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Daryl DixonHey who's the hottest character on The Walking Dead LOL J/K LIKE THIS IS EVEN UP FOR DEBATE. Haaaa, that was funny how I pretended for a second that there was any possible acceptable answer other than Daryl Dixon.

Daryl, who's played on the show by Norman Reedus, has obviously become an overwhelming fan favorite (despite the fact that he wasn't in the original comics, and he was never meant to be a long-term character!). His popularity has spawned a thousand "IF DARYL DIES WE RIOT" t-shirts, and his fan base is … well, let's just call them devoted. (OMG, you should see the comments on his Instagram photos.) (Yes I follow him on Instagram, shut up.)

We obviously don't yet know what all is going to happen to Daryl in season 4, but here are some important things to keep in mind -- including the possibily of Daryl's DEATH.

(Warning: upcoming spoiler for season 3!)

Just how is it that Daryl seems to have a constant supply of arrows for his bow?

It's true that Daryl's never-ending arrows seem a little similar to Hershel's hilarious infinite ammo mode from the season 2 finale, right?

But it turns out there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. In addition to the fact that Daryl typically pulls his arrows back out of the skulls he plants them in, Reedus tells Entertainment Weekly,

They go on runs and we raid places and this is Georgia so that is one of the weapons that people hunt with. So it’s not unheard of to find more arrows. (…) When you show this large of a time frame, there’s a lot of things that are sort of understood. You never see us go to the bathroom, but we do that.

How will Merle's death affect Daryl as a person, as the show goes on?

I think that Daryl was always destined to be a mini Merle. I try to play him like he was embarrassed of who he was becoming … he didn't want to say racist things, he didn't want to do drugs … as a kid he was sort of embarrassed that that was the life he was born into. So once Merle is out of the picture, Daryl has the opportunity to become the man he was never going to be. You know, someone he could be proud of … I think he's slowly starting to find value in himself through other people. And I think he wouldn't have had that opportunity before if Merle was still in the picture.

 Is it theoretically possible that Daryl will die in season 4?

Yes, and if he DOES die, it's because we all LOVED HIM TOO DAMN MUCH. According to creator Robert Kirkman,

I feel like it's a dare. Like, 'Oh, really? You're going to riot? We'll see. No one is safe.'

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I mean, that's fine, Kirkman. We totally don't care. Whatever. Kill Daryl if you (*breaks down and sobs*)

Do you think Daryl's going to get more screen time in season 4? Or do you think Kirkman may really follow through on his cruel threat?

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Vanessa Callender-Wilson

If he goes I will be super piss off. I am in love with him that is why I watch the show. Love you D.

nonmember avatar Who cares

I don't want them to just kill him off to fulfill a "dare" but if it progresses the story line then yeah do it. People who watch the show just for Daryl are idiots anyway. There is more going on then Daryl in the walking dead. Hell it's a show about surviving the zombie apocalypse, 99% of the characters are going to die.
Either way they won't kill him off at least not this season. He may take(spoilers)

Glenn's spot if negan shows up with his bat.

kelly... kelly24019

^^glad to see people like the show as the show. He doesn't even exist in the comic books and they are still great.

nonmember avatar jeanine

If Darryl dies we are done with this show. Love the show, but he is an absolute awesome character.What a loss of watchers for the show if this happens.

nonmember avatar ashley

I don't think they will kill Daryl off this season. If they did it would be to prove that NO ONE is safe, no matter how much negative reaction the show's creators might receive.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I don't think kill daryl off because they'd probably lose a lot of viewers I love this show but I'm sure eventually all the people left from the first season will probably die and then I probably won't want to watch it anymore. The first 2 seasons were my favorite because it was focused on the original group, I liked the 3rd season but no where near as much as the first 2.

nonmember avatar jake s

ill prolly stop watching as well if this happens, most of the other characters that are left I do not like

Steph... StephMosDef

Sorry but he seems like the one person would survive it all. Hes backwoods redneck whatever you call it. He can survive off the land and make his own weapons.

don't kill daryl. Or Mischone.

cyork2 cyork2

I would still watch, the show is amazing. I've never been a zombie fan, but this show turned me. I *may* shed a tear if Daryl dies though. Hes brought a lot to the show!

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