First Grade Teacher on ‘Princesses: Long Island’ Loses Job After Horrifying Rant (VIDEO)

sara schapiroIf you got super drunk on reality TV and made a complete ass of yourself, would you care? I think most people would, particularly if they, even more idiotically, called someone a "f****t" and a "douchebag loser" in their alcohol-induced stupor. But not Sara Schapiro! Nope, the woman who had a brief appearance on Princesses: Long Island is happy with her television debut. And the fact that she's a teacher who will probably lose her job after her embarrassing display? No matter! She "had fun".

If you watch the show, you know who I'm talking about. She was the drunken, bikini-clad woman at the pool party, who wouldn't stop harassing Amanda's boyfriend, Jeff. She was rude, crude, and seriously sloppy. And again, she used an anti-gay slur. It's now been revealed that she's actually a first grade teacher on the Upper East Side of New York with a $66,000 salary.

Schapiro told the New York Daily News: "We're all drinking and having fun in our bathing suits. I didn't think about being a teacher at the time. I'm probably going to end up resigning." Then, when asked whether or not she'd change anything about her appearance, she said: "Nope! I was on TV. I don’t care. I had a good time." Keep it classy, Schapiro.

The fact that Schapiro, who is under investigation by the Education Department for her actions, doesn't regret what she did, and is willing to forgo her well-paid job as a first grade teacher for three minutes of sheer idiocy is pretty unbelievable to me. But also, it speaks volumes about the world we live in. The hope that she'd garner five minutes of fame on a trashy reality show is more of a priority than her students or her career.

It's actually probably for the best if Schapiro leaves or is fired from her job. Not only does it seem like she is a horrible role model from her brief stint on the show, it's been unearthed that she was arrested for drug possession, driving while intoxicated, and reckless driving in Florida in 2002. So yeah. It's probably best she and the school part ways. She is better suited for trashy reality TV. And that's not a compliment.

Check out a clip from the party. What do you think of this?

Image via Bravo

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Mike Mike

so i guess that whole 1st amendment thing can be thrown out the window. This is reality tv, not real life. Its a show, where people act. Im guessing you wont allow any actors to show up at any schools ever again. Why theres murder, rape, and who knows what else going on in their movies. And cancel the school drama class. Cant have any plays where people or get killed or commit crimes

nonmember avatar Janet

Mike Mike, try reading the Constitution once in awhile before you go around quoting it. The First Amendment is not applicable here. You don't have the right to say whatever you want and not get fired. You do have a right to say (with exceptions) whatever you want and not get arrested. There's a difference that you haven't figured out. Also, NY is an "at-will" employment state which means that you can be fired for any reason as long as it's not discriminatory (i.e. due to gender, race, etc.) And she's not an actor, dumbass.

nonmember avatar DJ

Did it occur to anyone that her job as a school teacher and the pay just wasn't worth her being concerned about it. Just a thought. I do agree that she needs to resign. By the way when did "Right to Work" bs named law become known as "at will." Why not the "PRTBFNR", "Patriotic Right to be Fired for No Reason." So help me God.

Mike Mike

she works for the public school which means she works for the city. And as she stated she was playing a part. Its on tv for entertainment, its not real life.

Patricia Holbrook

I can't even get an interview to be a teacher in NY because I'm over 40, but they hire this moron and give her a $66,000 a year salary because she's 26! A more mature person would value the opportunities she's been given, not throw them away for 15 minutes of infamy on Bravo.

Patricia Holbrook

I'm going to guess that she didn't have tenure and her school administrators were looking for a reason to get rid of her. The teachers union in NYS is strong, but they can't help if you're a "problem child." 

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