Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga's Toxic Relationship Can Never Be Fixed Now

melissa gorga and teresa giudiceIt just goes to show you how naive I am. I really thought there was a shred of a chance that Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice would make up after the retreat they went on. I didn't think they'd start having sleepovers and order a best friend charm, but I thought they'd be able to learn how to be civil with one another. After all, last week, we saw Teresa and her brother Joe crying in one another's arms. There's so much history there. Can these people really, truly not figure out a way to just ... agree to disagree?

It turns out, no. They can't. Melissa and Teresa can't and won't get along. Ever. Apparently, they were doing all right for a while, but now they're back to hating one another. And from what I hear, the reunion is going to be a shit show.

According to a source: "Things between Teresa and Melissa were good after they finished filming, but they are back at not liking each other. Melissa has texted Teresa countless times after seeing what Teresa has said in her blogs and in her interviews calling her out. Teresa has tried explain to tell Melissa that things she said were when they were feuding, but Melissa is sensitive. Teresa then got upset when she heard Melissa talk about her business and claim that Juicy cheats on her. They both are back at feuding and will get defensive towards each other at the reunion."

One step forward, five hundred steps back. That's the story of Teresa and Melissa. It's getting ridiculous already. It's gotten ridiculous. These two women hate each other so much -- how much more fighting can they possibly do? Can they both just accept the fact that they hate each other and move on with their lives? It's sad, but they're better off completely wiping one another from their lives altogether than constantly fighting and cutting each other down. Ugh, I'm exhausted just thinking about all the energy they spend despising one another. Who even has time for that?

It's sad if Teresa and her brother can't mend things and it's breaking their parents' hearts, but at this point, it really doesn't seem worth it. Teresa, Melissa, and the Joes all have so much hate and anger inside of them that they're better served eliminating each other from their lives. Maybe they can revisit things in a few years, but for now, this really isn't working.

Do you think they'll ever get along?


Image via Bravo

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JaneD... JaneDoh57

I think when the show ends and their 15 minutes of fame is over, they will repair the relationship...or when one gets divorced bc in the end, family is all that matters...friends come and go but family is forever

nonmember avatar linda

no teresa is too full of herself and cant get along with neone!

Jan Mahoney Riggott

I think they have beaten this horse to death......Melissa just move on "CRAZY TERESA" is not worth all the drama she is causing your family.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I'm not Italian but I can't help to think this show is more insulting to Italians than the jersey shore was. The jersey shore was ultimately a bunch of dumb slutty kids doing dumb slutty stuff but it seems like the housewives and husbands defend all their insane behavior (fighting, screaming, etc) by saying its because they're Italian. Like I said, I'm not Italian, but I'm pretty sure they act like that because they are self centered and arrogant.

Paula Blazis Mancuso

tre and her brother were not getting along before bravo brought them on the show...the people at bravo thought that joey and melissa were "cute" and they figured they would bring good "face" to the program.  they still make fun of tre, used her ignorance against her, didn't help her......and they urged joey and his wife to antagonize the situation, bringing in all the other people to hate on tre....i think joey and melissa need to go back to where they came from..melissa is not a likable person.  has she lost her religion???  no more crossing herself...she did'nt even do it right......soooo pathetic.

nonmember avatar sydney

Teresa and Melissa.......I think the problem is MELISSA GORGA..she wants all the attention...GO AWAY MELISSA...

nonmember avatar Celeste

Ok so you have 2 sister-in-laws always at each other...they both think they are right...the husband get in the middlethe friends add their comments...I met Teresa Guidice several times in person ..and not because she wanted to sign her book was she nice, I actually spoke to her and got a pretty good idea who the problem really is MELISSA, Melissa is a GOLD-DIGGER...did you see her in season 3 at Christmas?? with those gifts?? come on...she loved it, she also is a FAKE person..I think Melissa should GO AWAY...OFF the SHOW ETC

nonmember avatar Savannah

There was drama on the show before but it seems since Melissa and Joe came on-board all hell is breaking out, it seems to be that Melissa wasnts to 'last word; and she trys to control...,then Teresa wants the last word...I am on team Teresa because I believe Melissa is the BULLY, she turned friends on each other

nonmember avatar Piper McCalle

I'm Ilalian, married and I have had the same situation with all 3 of my sister-in-laws WHY?? JEALOUSLY....on their part, we dont have no-where near the homes or money like Melissa or Teresa but we all faught..we did all the things like they try to do on the show...the outcome I MOVED...and cant be HAPPIER...!!we get along MUCH BETTER ...outtings at holidsays etc...FUN...my suggestion GET OUT MELISSA cause you are the instigator or trouble

nonmember avatar Prettypinkie

Maybe if Joe Gorga didn't Sell his Parents house from Underneath them cuz of Melissa Telling little Joey Boy that they could pay him mom an dad back cuz Mel needed her singing act or whatever you want to call Mel try to do an too make Mel happy. Mel an Joey boy LOST the mom an dads house too Loansharks , Ya what a very nice son to have done that to his mom an dad that worked their whole lives then just gone just like that My God what was little Boy Joey thinking I mean there is so so much more on the both of those low life's for what they had done an Teresa is the bad one ya ok that's so not true an Melissa knows it to well, Mel an Joe tried so Hard to Cover-up so much BS and LYING all the Time they can't keep up with it all they make me sick for what Mel an Joe has done to joe's mom an dad .....

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