Jenelle Evans' Drug Charges Could Go Away -- But Should They?

Jenelle Evans mugshotGood news for Jenelle Evans. At least one of the charges pending against the Teen Mom 2 star has been dismissed. She won't be headed to jail for cyberstalking. But what about her heroin possession charge?

Could she skate on that one after admitting on national television that she was a heroin addict? Well, yeah, maybe.

Jenelle's now famous lawyer Dustin Sullivan told WetPaint he doesn't foresee his client having to return to court. He wants to get all of Jenelle's felony charges dropped out of court.

Well duh, of course he does. That's a lawyer's job.

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The question really is: should prosecutors in Brunswick County, North Carolina play hardball here? Or should they let Jenelle off ... again?

If you'll remember, police allegedy found 12 bindles of the illegal drug in Jenelle's car. Both Jenelle and husband Courtland Rogers were charged with possession with the intent to sell, manufacture, and/or distribute. Courtland had a court date of his own this week, and it's rumored that he pleaded guilty on the drug charge, as well as assault on a female.

By saying he was guilty of the drug charge, Courtland does leave room for Jenelle's lawyer to pin it all on him, but her tearful confessions on the Teen Mom reunion show about using drugs aren't exactly helpful to her case.

Worse, look at her track record. Jenelle has been in and out of jail so many times it will make your head spin. Every time they've gone easy on her, she's spit in their faces! And she's progressed from the pretty low-key marijuana to hard-core heroin use!

Her smart lawyer may be able to work the system for Jenelle again, but if they let her go, what can we expect NEXT time she's arrested? Actually selling drugs? Hurting someone when she's high? Who knows.

But her track record tells us it probably won't be pretty.

Do you think they should go hard on Jenelle or has she straightened up enough that the felony charges should be dropped?


Image via Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar momma of 2

This girl done the right thing by getting to the hospital when she needed to. she is trying to better herself but no one gives her credit for that.

nonmember avatar Anne

I call bullshit, momma of 2. Gone to the hospital when she needed to? This girl goes to the hospital whenever she needs her prescription refilled. She's always addicted to something. I don't give her credit because she has done nothing productive yet gets to be on television nodding off. On heroin. And MTV is coddling her addiction. It's sad.

Emily Mayes

Play hardball. The problem with Jenelle is that she's never had to deal with the consequences of her actions. When she became pregnant at 16, her mom was there to financially support her and help (and or take over) raising Jace. Every time Jenelle has found herself in trouble with the law, she has somehow managed to escape with just a slap on the wrist. The fact is, she is an adult and making adult decisions. She needs to be left to clean up her own messes, for better or for worse. 

nonmember avatar GrowUp!

I don't see why its so hard to grow up and stop doing drugs. Ive smoked marijuana myself ad watched MANY people around me do every drug there is and I still quit smoking plus chose to never do anything else but smoke marijuana. If you care about your life and the people around it, you'll change it! Im also a teen mom, now 20 but regardless of age ever single "mother" needs to take care of there responsibilities!! You chose to spread your legs so you can grow up and take care of your kids because its not about you anymore! I mean really? How can drugs mean more to anybody then there flesh and blood!? & Stop worrying about guys, worry about an education and YOUR CHILD!!!

nonmember avatar charity carrera

I say go hard she is never going to learn if they don't her poor mom n soon suffer while the system is enabling her to do Such things by not giving her consequences. Does she have to topoverdose or hurt someone else before they actually help her... She's A disrespectful drug addict she's a horrible role model for her child n her poor mother is there lost.. Throw the book at her...

Terri Greenburg

i think jennelle needs to face the music and deal with what shes done. she gotten of too many times. she needs to realize she wont keep getting bailed out by lawyers or anyone else every time she decides to mess up her life.

nonmember avatar kat

Put her In jail for a while she a big girl to do the crime she can do the time.. stop slapping her on the rist it s time for her to grow up

caleb... calebsmama12312

I don't think letting her take no responsibility for any of her actions ever is going to do her any favors in the long run. This girl is a mess. Everyone is saying she is trying. No she is not. If she was she wouldn't be publically bragging about her drinking. She is an addict she needs to obstain from any mood altering substance, besides her medication for her mental disorder.

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

Emily, thank GOD for Barbara! What do you think would have happened to Jace if she HADN'T been there?

nonmember avatar mericaa -_-

If she was "trying" she'd have her son back and be doing something with her life. Not drugs. She needs help and harsh punishment or she'll never stop.

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