'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska May Have a Real Shot at Potential 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo

chelsea houskaIf The Bachelorette's season 9 has established anything whatsoever so far, it's that everyone loves them some former Venezuelan soccer player Juan Pablo Galavais! And that everyone thinks that Desiree Hartsock should currently be KICKING herself for kicking him off as potential husband. Still, her decision has left a tempting opening for plenty of other women to step up to the plate for the potential gig ... And a star of another popular reality show seems raring to go: Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea tweeted during The Bachelorette's The Men Tell All special, "Ummm how cute is Juan Pablo?! awhhh," adding that she thinks he is "perfect." Oh, honey, don't we all!?

The thing is, Chelsea actually has a slight leg up at winning his affections ...

After all, she is an MTV star!

Thus, if J.P. was to become the next Bachelor -- and rumors seem to suggest he has a genuine shot at the coveted spot -- I'm sure ABC would see a potentially dramatic storyline in Teen Mom Chelsea trying to woo J.P. Instant star appeal! Plus, the two are obviously both single parents -- Chelsea to her little girl Aubree, J.P. to his little girl Camila -- so they have that in common/going for them ...

Granted, there IS somewhat of an age difference of about 10 years between 'em. But where's true loves concerned, pfft, 10 years is no big deal! I could see this happening. As long as she hasn't signed some kinda "non-compete" clause about appearing on another reality show, Chelsea oughta hook herself up as a Bachelor contestant. After all, she could very well have an advantage most women fanning themselves over J.P. only wish they had!

Could you see Chelsea Houska on The Bachelor?


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nonmember avatar aimee

my husband and iI are 7 1/2 years apart and our love is true

paige... paige8608

No. What real man (if he is one) would want THAT insecure woman-child?! She's so annoying. 

nonmember avatar ghost

I think it is a great idea. Chelsea needs a man of her own. She needs to stop pining over Adam. She also needs to give her Dad a break, too much whining/crying/consuming all of his time.She is way too old to be going on "Daddy dates." Time to get her own man.

jsiss... jsissom86

Do it chelsea!!!!!! Id watch that!! Youre one of the only sane teen moms anyway!!

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