Jenelle Evans Is Sober ... According to This Note From Her Druggie Ex

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note from courtlandPeople of the Twitterverse, Jenelle Evans is not on drugs, okay? How many times does she have to tell you? When she went to the hospital Monday night, it was to have her appendix removed, not for anything drug-related. But the haters just won't buy that story. I don't know why their opinions matter to her, but she's determined to prove them wrong. Her latest effort: Posting a note from Courtland congratulating Jenelle on staying sober.

The letter is dated March 21, 2013, less than a month before she was arrested for heroin possession. Jenelle has been claiming Court planted the heroin on her. So yesterday she tweeted, "Wowwwww, look what I found in my 'Day-By-Day' book I posted online before. See even my ex KNEW I was sober." I have to say ... that is compelling evidence.

If anything, Courtland would probably want us to believe Jenelle was still using. That is, IF he really did plant that heroin on her. Whether or not he did, his congratulations sure do sound hollow, don't they? "Congratulations, Jenelle, you're gonna get busted for heroin possession soon and we'll break up! Yehaw!" This from the guy who's preparing to sell out his girlfriend, supposedly.

That's like getting a letter of recommendation from Beelzebub. Truthful? Probably. Helpful? Maybe not so much.

Oh -- and by sober, I'm sure Court means no longer using drugs. Alcohol may be another matter. Wasn't Jenelle just talking about working out with a hangover? One step at a time, I guess. But girlfriend is probably going to have to give that up eventually, too.

But back to the drugs, since that's what Jenelle cares most about right now. Could someone please tell her, she doesn't have to post these silly notes to prove she's sober. All she has to do is live her life cleanly. No more arrests, no more fights, no more drama. That's going to prove she's sober more than anything else.

Do you think Jenelle should just ignore her haters and live her sober life?


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@Angela- Really with the Demoncrat thingg? Ok, Republic--t. JK. But seriously, mankind is, what over 100,000 years old? The whole concept of "private property" arose maybe 6-7,000 years ago? And with the advent of privacy and ownership came the downfall of humanity. But I suppose prehistoric civilization was full of Commies, right?

jray13 jray13

I definitely agree with the article.  Instead of "telling" everyone that she is sober, maybe she should try SHOWING everyone; including herself and her mom.  Granted, what they have shown of Jenelle's mom on T.V., it doesn't look like Barbara isn't too easy to live with.  However, Barbara has stepped up and been a mom to Jace while Jenelle has been out partying and getting high the past ,what.....3 years now.  It's about time that Jenelle put all of her abusive guy hopping and partying behind her and FINALLY became the mom that Jace and Barbara deserve her to be.....  Just saying......

Amanda Ramirez

Handwriting looks a little girly to me... Could be she wrote the note herself.

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