Kim Kardashian Did Something That Makes Us Believe She Really Loved Kris Humphries After All

kim kardashianIf you saw last week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, like I embarrassingly did, you saw that there was a little scene, right before Kim's divorce was finalized, in which she mentioned to her mother that she wanted to have a Skype conversation with Kris Humphries. She mentioned something about wanting to talk to him and tell him that she did love him at one point, since he thinks their whole relationship was a giant lie.

When I was watching it, I thought to myself: "What a crock. She's only saying this for the sake of the cameras." But then I learned that Kim actually did reach out to Kris to talk via Skype -- but he wanted nothing to do with it.

According to a source: "Kris said no way. Kris turned down Kim’s offer because he didn’t want to appear on any of the Kardashian reality shows ever again. Kim and Kris haven’t spoken since the divorce was made final, and there are no plans to do so." Now, I get where Kris was coming from in never wanting to be on the show again, though I am legitimately surprised that Kim actually did reach out to him. I thought she was just saying that to make herself look good.

I've done my fair share of poking fun at Kim Kardashian and her ri-goddamn-diculous 72-day marriage, but maybe, maybe, she really did love Kris and the whole thing wasn't just a massive publicity stunt? I mean, haven't we all fallen in and out of love before? (True, most of us didn't then proceed to get married and televise the whole event, but you know what I'm saying, right?) Maybe Kim isn't a user and a mean, mean meanypants. Maybe she and Kris just weren't meant to be and that's all there is to it.

Or maybe, were she and Kris to talk on Skype, the Kardashians and E! would have made sure the entire thing was edited to make Kim look really good.

I guess that's always a possibility, too.

Do you think Kim's intentions were pure in trying to talk to Kris?


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Irela... Ireland69

we have no proof!

cleig... cleigh717

How can u even try to rationalize the behavior of some1 so out of reality?

nonmember avatar Mami

first of all love or didnt love doesnt matter...even thou i didnt care for him ...He honestly doesnt owe her a thing!!! its over n done with leave it alone....

nonmember avatar EllyMayhem

If any of you ever watched the show Kris Humphries was a jerk to Kim. He did mean things & was rude to her...I watched it & couldn't believe she was with him...didn't blame her one bit for leaving him

nmkida nmkida

If you watched the show you would know that Kris was rude, mean, degrading and awful to her. If he treated her like that in front of cameras how did he treat her when they were off? 

nonmember avatar Paula1099

I watched the show. I thought they did so many childish things to him - what about the naked yoga man, Kourtney leaking on their bed, having Mason's play area outside their NY bedroom or the best, when Kris wanted to move his things to the new home, Kim said we dont have room at MY HOUSE - even Scott said to Kim "you do know you're married right".

nonmember avatar Christine

oh he didn't bow down and treat Kim like the princess she thinks she is?

Doug Collins

I don't believe it only because it was in front of the cameras. If she wanted to have an extremely personal call (as that would be)with her x-husband the whole thing ought to be quiet, just between the two of them. No cameras!!!

nonmember avatar fadi

i think kim is doing this for the cameras if she really loved kris she would have stayed with him but she did it to get more popularity and if she had babies with kris the babies would have been beautiful tall and cute but why with ugly kanye west

nonmember avatar M

Did anyone notice, the clip of Kim "a day before her actually divorcing hearing, wanting to talk to Kris" that her Makeup/Hair was exactly the same as the "Day after the hearing" when she announces to everyone that shes officially divorce. Khloe's outfit was the same too. Meaning, she taped that scene the same day she announced she was officially divorced. Meaning she FILMED that for the show to look like she really wanted to sort things out with KRIS to make herself look good. it was bullshit.

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