Could This Smoldering Star Beat Ian Somerhalder & Matt Bomer for Role of Christian Grey?

chris pineAnother day, another hot blue-eyed dude brought into the Fifty Shades of Grey casting pool. It's currently being reported that another actor who may nab the role of Christian is Chris Pine. You know, the guy from Star Trek.

Now, don't get me wrong, Chris is smokin' hot, but is he Christian Grey? Eh, not so sure about that one.

At the end of the day, fans have already made up their minds: Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey. They don't want to hear about anyone else. And if the role does wind up going to another actor, there's going to be hell to pay. Riots! Rooting! Old women getting punched in the face! The fans have already envisioned Ian as their lead, so really, anyone else who's brought into the picture right now is just pointless.

However, that said, unlike some other actors who have been brought into the mix, Pine actually has expressed some interest in playing Christian. He recently said in an interview: "If it's a good script ... I'd take a look at it, but I don't know anything other than that. It’d be a hell of a choice for me, I think. It sounds like an interesting film."

Aw, that's sweet. It sounds like an interesting film to him. But the role of CG is going to a little actor by the name of Ian. I'm sorry, Chris. But hey, loved your work in Star Trek!

Need I even ask ... who do you want to see play Christian?


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Caera Caera

I hope Chris Pine wouldn't play that stupid role. I think he's better than that. Hopefully he thinks he's better than that too.

nonmember avatar @Drika_Serrano

#iansomerhalder is #christiangrey this is logical, this is simple, we fans do want he, we love him!

nonmember avatar Laura

Ian is the only Grey, chris pine no please. Ian and Emilia for fifty shades

Tracy Carfagna

I agree Laura Ian and Emilia.. thats the only pair I see playing the roles no Ian I fork out no money to see it!! It's that simple.

water... waterlily015

yeah I agree it's a stupid role from a stupid poorly written book.  It'll kinda ruin Ian's image if he gets chosen. 

nonmember avatar cher

There is only one smoldering Star and that is, Ian Smolderhalder:-)

Pat Molina-Thompson

Although Ian may look right to some degree, he is entirely too short for this role.   I haven't seen him to any other roles other than the Diaries, a vampire does not a Christian make!   lol 

Jen Gt

Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey!

Wendi Beehler Shute

Chris Pine?????? AMMMM NO! Henry Cavil Please!!!!YES,YES,YES!!

nonmember avatar Grace

Matt Bomer is the only Christian Grey!

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