'Teen Mom 3' Dad Claims He Never Wanted to Be on TV

Matt McCannAlex Sekella is a name we would all do well to remember. As one of the four stars of Teen Mom 3, we are about to see a whole lot of her. Today, though, it's Alex's ex-boyfriend (and baby daddy) Matt McCann who is making headlines.

Apparently, McCann never wanted to be on Teen Mom 3 or on 16 and Pregnant and his obvious drug use and issues have made life hard for him. He claims his mom signed the form with MTV. It's totally possible. I am sure she saw the dollar signs and was all, "where do I sign?" He was under 18, so it's possible. On the other hand, come on.

Look, MTV exploits these kids. There is no question about it. MTV gets huge ratings off the mistakes of young kids. And yet, they are making their own choices. We can't simultaneously say these kids are too young to vote, sign contracts, or be on TV AND say they are old enough to have kids.

They are famous because their lives are clusterf***s. Sorry, but it's true. If they followed the healthy trajectory -- high school, college, living on their own, marriage, baby -- they wouldn't be on TV. So why not revel in it?

I understand that when you are a messed up person, it's embarrassing, and there is no doubt this kid has a lot to do to get his life together. But he can't blame his mom or MTV for his troubles. That's all on him.

Sadly, he is an addict, but that IS the reality for a lot of teen moms. They have babies with totally unsuitable men because they are too young to make responsible decisions. It's part of the tragedy of most teen pregnancies. Sure, some have happy endings, but not most. Not by a long shot. Many other people turn out like Jenelle Evans or Amber Portwood.

It sounds like McCann may end up being the male equivalent of some of the more messed up women who have been on the show. It makes for good TV. Let's not pretend MTV is being altruistic in their work. They are loving all the controversy. And yet, ultimately, it's McCann's responsibility to get it together and behave well. If he doesn't, that's on him.

Do you think MTV is exploiting these kids?


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nonmember avatar blh

I would never EVER want to be on TV. My life is not a clusterfuck but whether it is or isn't is not the point. I think people sharing their personal lives like that is tasteless and I am a very private person. So if his mom really did do that against his wishes, I feel very bad for him. But I mean, couldn't he have just...idk walked away if they tried to film him?? That's what I'd do.

nonmember avatar blh

Your attitude about this really makes me mad. EVERYONE is entitles to privacy....even a loser junkie. You seem to think that everyone would want fame unless they're life is too terrible and embarrassing and that's just not true.

nonmember avatar shante

I fuckin love the dramatics.

Laura Cook

She never said he isn't entitled to privacy.  She's saying it's a copout for him to blame his problems on the show.  If you don't want the world to think you're an irresponsible perpetually stoned dick, then DON'T BE ONE.  If you'd seen him on 16 and pregnant you'd understand that he genuinely is-totally aside from being a "junkie" who is "addicted" to pot (LOL!)-a world class a-hole.  This is just another case of an idiot doing whatever they want as if there is no such thing as consequences, and then when consequences slap them in the face claiming victim status and blaming everyone else.  

Jamie Kitchen

all i can say is were the hell r the child services? while all this is taking place  i'm a mom whose kids are in the care of family members and it makes me sick to see this shit going on . i don't smoke don't do drugs fight get violent nothing and my kids aren't with me yet i see drug addicts alcoholics abusers n more on this show all of whom r strongly involved in the lives of these innocent kids.

Celeste Keenan

I think they do.  We can't really stop this kind of exploitation.  If McCann didn't want to be on TV he shouldn't have signed on to do it.

nonmember avatar Brittany

He is saying it now because his portrayal on the show is of the truth. He is an addict and as a former addict a few thousand dollars is an opportunity you won't pass up. Yes the kids made mistakes but it is something a lot of people can relate to. My 33 yo ex walked out on me and my daughter to do drugs. These relationships And experiences aren't only limited to 16 year olds. I think the show does show how it is a struggle to have a child so young and it is a service to all these young girls thinking they want a baby. That the boy you love most likely wont last after the baby comes. That it is hard to get an education with child and money will always be an issue. Its educational and yes, entertaining but when the moms figure it out it gives you hope. I'm a single mom working 2 jobs and its very relatable for me and I'm an adult. He just doesn't want the world to see him as a deadbeat drug addict because that's what he really is. With or without the show.

hexxuss hexxuss

I think that he's learned at least one thing - regardless of your age, until you are a legal adult, your parent(s)/guardian(s) have the first & last say on everything. Period.  Maybe his mother did it hoping that it WOULD showcase & highlight his addiction and maybe the embarrassment would make him want to quit?  I've known parents who have gone to greater extreme than that out of desperation with a child who's an addict.  As for the part where him being shown as an addict has made his life hard - 1-800-Waa-AAAA - cry me a river - use the opportunity of being with MTV to approach them about putting your sorry butt into rehab - make something GOOD come from it.

nonmember avatar Lekota Koch

First off, Matt is already clean! Hes been sober for a year. Hes doing great. Secondly, he couldnt walk away. When you have a contract, its a legal binding. His mom signed that he had to be taped so even when he tried walking away or not showing up they would find a way to tape him. It was either deal with it or get sued. Matt doesnt care how mtv portrays him, he knows he made mistakes and that people will see him do some questionable things but you dont get to see everything. You see what mtv wants you to see. Matt the bad guy and Alex the victim. Even though that isnt the entire truth. Matt told people he didnt want to be on the show because he actually hates the thought of being on mtv. He is a private person who doesnt like sharing his business. He doesnt even talk about being on tv.. He isnt trying to make excuses or hide anything. He has always been up front about his addiction and stuff. Stop hating on him just because he WAS an addict. People change all the time and he has changed for the best.

nonmember avatar Lekota Koch

Also, Matt never took the money from mtv. He gave it to his child. Ooh boy, he is such a bad person!

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