'Bachelorette' Finale Spoilers: Desiree Hartsock's Worst Nightmare Comes True in Antigua (VIDEO)

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Desiree Hartsock

Ok, so you know how we've all been dying to know what the heck is up with Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock crying her eyes out to Chris Harrison on the finale and saying she "just wants to go home"?

Well, it looks like now we might know exactly what has poor Des all weepy-eyed, based on the unfortunate scenario Us Weekly has confirmed goes down in Antigua.


(This is HUGE, people.)

As you may have already suspected, one of Desiree's final three men eliminates himself -- leaving her a confused, heartbroken, devastated, sobbing mess. And even though whoever it is supposedly winds up regretting dumping Des immediately afterwards, it looks as though the damage is already done as far as crushing her dreams of a happy ending goes.

Ugh. That totally sucks. But which one of the guys is it? Does this mean that Desiree will wind up alone in the end and does NOT wind up getting engaged at the final rose ceremony? (If there even is one.)

At this point, the "quitter" could be any one of her three remaining dudes.

Drew -- I'm just gonna go ahead and say it since so many of us are thinking it. Drew is SO sweet and adorable -- but my gaydar goes off with him big time. I know he insists he's in love with Des, but I almost feel like he's trying to convince himself of that fact. Maybe he winds up leaving because he realizes she's not exactly (ahem) his type?

Chris -- Out of all three, Chris is probably the least likely person to dump Des and leave her heartbroken, especially since the promo shows him in a suit and tie -- like he's getting ready to propose or something. But I guess he could be the one to eliminate himself? Maybe he winds up getting really bad allergies in Antigua and needs to rush home so his dad can give him one of those wacky nasal treatments again. (Stranger things have happened.)

Brooks -- I hate to say it, but my money is on Brooks pulling the plug. Des may be in love with him, but as of yet, the feeling doesn't appear to be mutual. He's very cautious and also pretty wishy-washy about their relationship, so I can picture him freaking out and heading home because he just isn't ready to commit. Or maybe the Caribbean heat proves to be too much for him to take, so he leaves and goes directly to his local barber shop for a buzz cut.

Here's The Bachelorette finale promo -- based on this clip, who do you think winds up leaving the show?



Image via AfterThe Rose/YouTube

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Linda Herrmann

I've said the last 2 weeks that Brooks will run away scared! She seems to like him the most and says she has bad choice in men...so there you go. I would like her to choose Chris!!!!!!!!

Sheriee Yvonne

brooks for sure is gunna leave , he doesnt seem like hes totally on the same page as her , he not as interested in her like she is in him

nonmember avatar Toni Sanchez

Maybe she will dump all 3 and go propose to Zac!

Sarah-Jean Ballard

The preview showed Brooks in the limo, crying and visibly upset, with a navy blue t-shirt on... That to me can only mean one thing... he eliminates himself....  Because they don't show Drew during that time AND you see Chris in a suit, makes you wonder where Drew it at that point... never see him in a tux... Hmmm....  But clearly, Brooks doesn't make it to the end if he's in a limo crying in a t-shirt... that means he isn't leaving during a rose ceramony...  Hmmm.....

nonmember avatar Rhonda

They should bring Zak back. He's wonderful and they seem to really care about each other.

Christine Hourihan Probst

I think it's Brooks who bails. I totally agree about DREW, I have thought that for a while now. I think she is head over heals for Brooks (as she said, which they never admit on the series) but he's not ready yet. I wanted her to pic ZacK!!

Berty Lare

she will choose Zak........she now realizes they are the best for each other.

nonmember avatar Denise T.

I agree it's definitely Brooks who bails.

Re Land

It's Drew, i think. Several weeks ago a preview showed him saying he couldn't go on. The scenes with her crying all show Drew's picture in the background.

I think something's off with his anger. It seems out of proportion to anything James might have said. Maybe he's angry at himself...for something I don't know what, and is just projecting onto James.

Cathy A. Albertorio


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