Robert Pattinson Spotted Kissing His Latest ‘Mystery Girl’ -- But Who Was She?

robert pattinsonRemember that time Robert Pattinson was caught kissing a mystery brunette? Oh, you don't? What, were you doing something like reading The Wall Street Journal or working on your French? Haha, your loss! Originally, people thought that Rob was smooching Caitlin Cronenberg, the daughter of the director on Rob's current movie, Maps to the Stars. But it turns out, that's not who it was. It was somebody who's actually working behind the scenes on his new movie. Maybe Rob's had enough with actresses?

As "confirmed by ET Canada", the lady in the pic with Rob is a crew member. From what I can see, she's a lovely lady, but I'm guessing this was more of a "hi, so good to see you" or "bye, it was great seeing you" kiss. I really don't think Rob would publicly make out with someone. He never publicly made out with Kristen.

Despite the fact that he's ridiculously good-looking, super rich, and lives a life most of us could only dream of, you kind of have to feel bad for the guy at this point. He can't even say hi to a friend without rumors of an impending wedding cropping up. Must be kind of a pain in the ass.

Then again, maybe he is dating this woman, and this is a reverse-psychology ploy to make us believe that they're just best buds. Who knows? Who cares? Oh, wait, we do.

Do you think there's anything going on with Rob and this lucky lady?


Image via tittimi/Flickr

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Tatiana Guzman

the girl is caitling cronenberg, why does he always goes for the dark types?? for being a professional photographer she doens't look good in pictures

Seth Aicklen

I don't know why Cafemom wouldn't include, or at least specify, the picture they reference, since we are supposed to comment on that certain one. Since I'm not sure, I'll withhold comment about that.

As to Tatiana's comment, nothing about being a photographer has anything to do with being photogenic. Her comment about Caitlin to this effect is either a joke or is really, really dumb. She has misspelled "Caitlin" and "doesn't". If Rob's preference IS for "dark types" (whatever that means), so what? He gets to prefer whomever he chooses.

To summarize, no comments so far are meaningful or smart. They don't seem to have been made by adults, for adults.

Tonia Fargo Kastner

Honestly it looks like she is kissing his cheek so that could mean anything.

nonmember avatar Whocares

they break up. way to go rob he is still out there maybe he'll find his soul mate. Kristian shouldn't care she cheated on him she made the mistake! Please pick a new topic.

Sylviamo Sylviamo

Well you people are the one writing shit up and making shit up too.

nonmember avatar wendy jenks

I think that the so called break up of rob and kristin will be the downfall of both of them. A year from now you'll hardly hear their names any more and they will hardly get work again.

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