'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Honey Boo Boo Has Been Replaced


pumkinFor better or worse, Honey Boo Boo (aka Alana Thompson) is now a household name. Since the debut of her TLC hit, she has clearly been the star of the family -- that is, until now. There is a new see-worthy castmember on this show and she is infinitely more entertaining than the 7-year-old pageant princess. Sorry Honey Boo Boo. Your redneck reign is coming to an end.

It turns out HBB's sister Pumpkin is the one to watch. On the latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the family is set to celebrate her 13th birthday and much about her is revealed along the way.

For example, Pumpkin was struck by lightning while playing video games several years ago. That is why, says her family, she acts so weird. What's so odd about Pumpkin, you ask? Let's take her eating habits. She thinks nothing of whipping up her own "multi-meal" (an invention of Mama June's, which is basically a mixture of whatever leftovers are in the fridge). Well, Pumpkin's version includes canned raviolis, powdered cheese, pork skins, and cheese balls. It looked and smelled so bad, it made her sister gag.

She is also always up for a ridiculous dare. She cut her bangs, shaved her eyebrows, got pierced in places the sun don't shine, dug her nose into her sister's armpit, painted her tongue with a black marker, licked crumbs off the table, and ate out of a bowl like a dog.

Though the most shocking behavior on the episode is what she did for her birthday. The family treated Pumpkin to dinner at Papa Buck's BBQ so she could compete in the Pigzilla contest. If she could down three pounds of pulled pork and barbecue sauce on a one-pound Hawaiian sweet bread roll in 45 minutes, she would win $200. The sandwich contained enough meat and bread to feed a family of five and, even though I never doubted she could do it, Pumpkin couldn't get the whole monstrous meal down. She still got a prize for being the first girl who tried, though. As far as she is concerned, it was the best birthday ever -- even if it means she is felt like throwing up.

"We love her crazy ass," said Mama. So do we! Pumpkin's take on her out-there antics? "I think being struck by lightning has changed me forever because I used be really really smart and now I'm in between ... I don't care what people think. I know that I am awesome and at least I'm not boring." Amen sister. You are now the new reason we will tune in to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!

Check out Pumpkin during the Pigzilla challenge:

What do you think of Pumpkin? Do you like her better than Honey Boo Boo?

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Melis... Melissa1508

They may be gross, but I'd much rather watch them than the fucking Kardashians...

jhslove jhslove

Those "food challenges" piss me off. People are starving, and not just in the third world but right here in America. Conspicuous gluttony like that is in poor taste, I think.

nonmember avatar ashley

I really like this family. Yes, they have absolutely no shame, but you can see the love they all have for each other. This episode featured on Pumpkin was weird, and interesting, and funny. I love how she was the first girl to try the competition and how excited everyone was for Sugar Bear to propose to June.

Helen Neel

Honey boo boo and family of pigs should go,they make me sick.I have only watched it one time and will never watch it again,ever.

nonmember avatar Patricia

I hate this show. I just wish they all go away just like the Kartrashians. Ugh

nonmember avatar Drlingkos

That show sucks the big one, I watched about 5 minutes of one episode and I will never watch again. I think TLC is hurting for material for shows. I'd rather watch a TV that was turned off than watch that shitty show.

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