Taylor Swift 'Biggest Fan' Contest Cancelled When 'Creepy' 39-Year-Old Man Wins

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Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has fans of all ages, from the tiniest of tots (I took my 4-year-old daughter to her concert) to moms like me. But when a 39-year-old man won her recent "Biggest Fan" contest in what appears to be a big online prank, organizers said no way was he getting the grand prize -- a chance to meet her -- and the whole thing was cancelled.

No, it's not because she's an ageist (remember she did date John Mayer who's 35), but because the 39-year-old winner sounds like a big fat loser. The contest was run by Boston radio station KISS FM. Fans were asked to enter to win, and then online voting would determine the winner. Sounds fair, but "Charles" (the 39-year-old winner) didn't play fair.

Instead he and others made a mockery of the whole contest, posting on various websites with a mean scheme to boost him to number one. For example on 4chan, users were asked to vote for the "fat old guy creep" to "crush the dreams of these girls and give him a chance to make a complete ass of himself by blatantly just sniffing her hair with cameras rolling."

Because there are so many vile and cruel people in the world with nothing better to do, users voted Charles to the top. But Charles will not be meeting Taylor. Nor will any of her other fans in that contest. The radio station offered the following explanation:

Disappointingly, we have determined that the integrity of the "Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan" contest has been compromised. In accordance with our contest rules, effective immediately, the contest has been terminated. We apologize to all of our loyal listeners who have participated.

What a way to spoil it for everyone, Charles. And for what, a few chuckles? I don't blame the station at all for cancelling, but I do feel bad for her true fans who really would have loved this opportunity to meet Taylor.

Do you think the radio station should have cancelled the contest because of this?


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caral... caralicious

^wtf? But secondly maybe he should have been disqualified and the second runner up could have won

caral... caralicious

^wtf? But secondly maybe he should have been disqualified and the second runner up could have won

nonmember avatar kayla

they should've made an age limit, like "22"? but i agree with caralicious, perhaps the 2nd runner up should've won

nonmember avatar aimeem

caralicious, iI thought the same thing. they wouldnt have had dissappointed listener and taylot could have made some little girl happy

Marissa De Lory

Maybe this lame ass dude should focus on moving out of his mom's basement & getting a job instead of wrecking what could have been a wonderful once in a lifetime experience for a true fan. What a dick.

Trina_ Trina_

I think this was just a joke and they should have let him meet her, it would have been a funny moment, no big deal.

nonmember avatar Steve

Since when did it become "creepy" to be a 39 year old male attracted to a beautiful and sexy young 23 year old woman? Entire industries and media empires as well as countless modeling, acting and music careers have been built on such a natural attraction. Not to mention that in the natural world and throughout history such an age appropriate union of a mature virile male and young fertile female has been the norm that built the population of our planet for both the animal and human world.

The average white male is fair game for disparaging labels like this, or "creepy-ass cracka", while it is unimaginable for anyone in the current overly PC environment say a single utterance against any other sexual "lifestyle" choice or ethnic persuasion. Why is that?

tiafez tiafez

how did they not think that would happen? it should have been for Swift to personally choose the winner from the top 10 vote getters. 

mlg1989 mlg1989

They could have let the 2nd place winner have it instead.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

He has also been entered into (without his permission) contests to see the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez. The Selena contest was won by a 22 year old name Kristian, and honestly? He shouldn't have won either. He admitted to using scripts to boost his vote count (ie, cheated). At least real people voted for Charles.

I think they should have just let him win the Taylor Swift contest. So he's 39, and joked that he wanted to sniff her hair. Just because he isn't their ideal #1 fan, does that discount the fact that he honestly wanted to meet her? No. The contest was all about seeing who could get the most votes. Charles was just better marketed than the other contestants.

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