Amanda Bynes’ Bizarre Behavior Caught On Camera Right After the Driveway Fire (VIDEO)


amanda bynesThis probably won't come as much of a surprise, but the most recent Amanda Bynes scandal has gotten even stranger. You may recall, the child star was placed on a 5150 hold after allegedly trespassing onto someone's property and setting a fire in the driveway. Now video has been released of Bynes' bizarre actions in the moments before she was nabbed. It's just too weird for words.

While she doused the concrete with gasoline, she inadvertently soaked her little dog, who was with her for some reason. Once the blaze was set, TMZ reports that her clothes and the beloved pooch both caught fire. After being confronted, she jumped into a cab and got out at a liquor store so that she could wash off her four-legged friends. Her appearance and behavior on the surveillance video is quite disturbing.


Creepy scene -- her darting into the store and going into a restricted "employees only" area with an animal. The alarmed cashier followed her into the bathroom where he smelled gas and saw Bynes trying to rinse off the dog. When he confronted her, she "freaked out" and rushed out the store.

Just further proof that there is someting seriously wrong with this poor girl. The entire incident just screams, "I NEED HELP." The website also reported that friends fear her behavior is a sign of schizophrenia (though she hasn't been officially diagnosed, as far as we know). Taking a cue from Britney Spears' dad (who took control of the popstar's finances and personal life after her meltdown), Bynes' parents are reportedly seeking a conservatorship. It's about time, don't you think? Oh -- and the dog is fine. Police handed the pet over to her parents.

What do you think of this video?




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bills... billsfan1104

I keep saying it and I will keep saying it until she is diagnosed. She is showin the signs of schizophrenia.

nonmember avatar Charleesmomma

Omg is it just me or does anyone else have problems with the videos coming on the page! I refresh and refresh but it never shows up! I'm thinking its the website

Sarah... SarahHall58

I've been thinking schizophrenia for a long time now. I feel bad for her. Mental illness is a struggle anyway without the person being paraded around in public. I feel bad for her. Really bad for her. I hope she gets and accepts the help.


Her parents have tried to get her help, they even moved to L.A. to be closer to her.She is a grown woman and they cannot make her do what she doesn't want to do,so she cut them off.This fire may have saved her, because there was a legit reason to take her in, at last.Hope she heals.

prplecat prplecat

At least the dog is okay.  It's a shame that she survived, though.

Michelle Hollis

Oh hush, youthfulsoul. This is what causes people to look down on those with mental illness, causing a stigma to be attached to it. She's not a whack job. She just needs help. No one with a mental illness is a whack job. They may do crazy things, yes. But there is something wrong inside their brains, it's not all "in their heads" like people think. She needs to be left alone.

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