Demi Lovato Chides Miley Cyrus About Partying, Because THAT Always Helps

Miley Cyrus Demi LovatoIf you've been feeling a little worried about Miley Cyrus and her hard-partying ways, you have a kindred soul in Demi Lovato. Lovato, who met Cyrus on the set of Hannah Montana six years ago, isn't too sure about her friend's laissez-faire approach to twerking her way through life while gleefully admitting she's often too baked to know what she's talking about.

The things is, I'm not too sure Lovato's decision to share her motherly concern about Miley Cyrus via MTV News was the best way to show her support. Nor am I confident Miley's exactly open to criticism from someone who's basically become the poster child for stone cold sobriety.

I have all sorts of admiration for Demi Lovato's ongoing honesty about the crap she's gone through in recent years. She's battled an eating disorder, self-injury, suicidal feelings (which started when she was just 7 years old), bipolar disorder, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, and judging by the lyrics in her song "Warrior," sexual abuse.

It's not surprising that she's no longer on the same wavelength as wild child Miley, which Lovato confessed to MTV News:

She knows how I feel about the whole partying thing. I love her to death and I'm always like, 'Just be careful' and she's like, 'Dude, I'm chilling. It's fine.' But I care for her so much that I'm so protective, but she's good. She's got a good head on her shoulders.

I believe that Lovato cares for her friend, but it seems like kind of a weird move to publicly share that you disapprove of someone's partying. Plus, her follow-up comments about Miley's party anthem "We Can't Stop" sound downright passive-aggressive:

I think it's a good song... It's a song a lot of people have fun to and if people are enjoying it, then great.

Translation: Look, if people like an inappropriate song that references "dancing with Molly," it's their funeral. Have fun getting addicted to ecstasy, everyone.

Okay, that might not be entirely fair, but I imagine that it's just kind of hard for Lovato to be asked about her pop-star peers when she feels like she's in such a different place. As she said of her friends Cyrus and Selena Gomez turning 21,

They can turn 21 and have their turn-21st-birthday. I don't think that I – I just don't put myself in those situations where I'm going to be at those 21st birthdays. I don't go to clubs. I just know it's something I can't do without being triggered. And that's okay.

Sobriety is hard enough when you're years past the partying stage, being just twenty and living the celebrity lifestyle must put Lovato in a state of constant vigilance. It's got to be hard as hell, and sometimes a certain sense of evangelicalism is the only way to get past all those temptations.

But for the people who are enjoying their less-than-perfectly-responsible years, I'm sure it's equally hard to hear the criticism. More power to Lovato for wanting to protect her buddy and all, but it seems like she'd do better to keep her concerns a little more private.

What do you think about Demi Lovato calling Miley Cyrus out for partying? Do you think it crossed a friendship line?

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caleb... calebsmama12312

I don't think she said anything wrong at all. I also don't see anything passive aggressive about her comment on the song. Maybe we read something different because I'm completely missing what you're saying. All i read was she just wants her friend to be careful & it's a good song & if people like it great.

Trina_ Trina_

I commend Demi Lavato for having the courage to speak up, especially when Cory Monteith just died from a drug overdose. Why should Demi have to stay silent on something that is an epidemic in t his country and Hollywood. Miley Cyrus is glorifying her partying as appropriate, like it or not Miley is a role model and needs to lay off the drugs.

carme... carmen1692

I see absolutely no problem with anything Demi said? She's just wanting her friend to be careful. As for the 21st bdays good for her. She's not bitter she's just doing what she needs to do to prevent herself from slipping again. And as for the song part? She's happy for Miley. Plain and Simple. As long as people are enjoying it then good for them. How did you get anything else from her comments? You are reading waaay too much into things. Overanalyzing..

Pixie030 Pixie030

Watching Miley at her age with the partying, not caring what people think and fully putting herself into whatever feels like a happy fun moment gives me such flash backs. A life I remember fondly but is not mine anymore, at some point you have to grow up and be responsible. I actually feel sorry for her cause so many people still call her by a character she played's name.. that was never her! She was acting.. Hello!?! At this point I haven't seen her do anything that is gonna ruin her life like some of these other starlets who are in rehab now or being held on a 5150 72 hr hold.. those who read the news know who I am referring to. Most of us have done some type of experimenting in our younger years, it's just not crossing that line into addiction and doing things that wil get you arrested. These girls get too many free passes from police and judges though which makes that line much harder for them to see. Hoping Miley doesn't cross it though, she still seems to be a hard worker who has a good head on her shoulders right now.

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