Kenya Moore’s Big Pay Raise Proves She’s the Smartest ‘Real Housewife’

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kenya mooreGood news Real Housewives of Atlanta fans! Kenya Moore will be back for the show's 6th season. Her first year as a "housewife" was such a hit, Bravo is planning to pay her $600,000. Needless to say, the former Miss USA is thrilled -- even if castmates-turned-quick-enemies Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart probably aren't. But if they are smart, they will learn a valuable lesson from Kendra's big payday. 

Kenya is a newbie to the franchise yet she is now making as much as New Jersey veteran Teresa Giudice. Nene Leakes and Kandi Buress are headed into their 6th season and they make $800,000 -- just 200K more. Phaedra and Porsha only make $50,000, according to a source. The only explanation is that Kenya is the supreme drama queen. That is a dubious honor Kenya is taking all the way to the bank!

She has figured out that being crazy is clearly the key to cashing in on this show. Just take a look at her track record. She had those wild eyes from the start. Sure, she was sweet enough the first couple of episodes, but then the littlest things would unhinge her. Remember that get-to-know-you lunch with Porsha, who made the mistake of asking about Kenya's love life. That made her enemy #1. Then there was the booty workout video feud with Phaedra. It lead to Kenya showing up at a charity event half-naked to prove a point no one actually understood. It was lunacy.

And what about her boyfriend Walter? The fact that he wouldn't propose almost sent her over the edge but turns out the relationship was faked for the cameras. Though, her most memorable moment had to be when, in the middle of an argument, she called herself "Gone with the wind fabulous" while twirling in circles. It was wacky, weird, and solidified her status as one nutty foe.

Do you think Kenya deserves a $600,000 salary?

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Peanutv Villar

She is not a Real Housewives of Atlanta

Edwina Fulton

Gone with the Wind days would have seen her either in the kitchen (and Phaedra) or in the Cotton Fields - that's history folks, nothing else. 

Lynne Edwards Akers

Well let them pay her the big bucks, I am done with the show she is to much crazy, for me! I can't stand to listen to her for one more second. she need real life Psychiatric  help, I feel for her being that messed up and showing her  un-lady  like behaviour on TV really Andy get a grip your rich you won't spend the money you have made off these ladies in your lifetime (until one of them gets really smart and sues you and Bravo for PTSD). Sure I like a good feud between the ladies but mental health is no joke and I will not be part of long RHOA


Reali... Realityaddict

Don't like Atlanta Housewives, done with it


Janice Rivers

Hell no I do like Kenya Moore! She need to get a life. I think that it is unfair to Porsha and Phedra for paying her more than them! I am done with the show as other people are too!

Hummingbrd Seattle

Hell NO ! She doesn't belong on this show !!!!!!!!!sticking out tongue

Sheila Smith Baxley

Hell no - she's not even a housewife and probably never will be. Who the hell would marry that piece of crazy trash? Bravo is desperate obviously....

Doey Doe

*mindthought...............if these women making money for how dramatic they are, Vicki Gumbleson must be making millions..more power to her hahahahahaha!

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