Kristen Stewart Is the Highest-Paid Actress Under 30 -- Eat Your Heart Out, Rob!


Kristen StewartKristen Stewart may be unlucky in love, but when it comes to money, she is one lucky bish. Many may quibble with her acting abilities, but the fact is girlfriend still rakes it in. KStew made $22 million and was the ninth highest paid celebrity under 30, according to Forbes. Hard to believe, given her wooden countenance, that she's able to make five bucks of her acting, but girlfriend got in on the ground floor of a juggernaut called Twilight, and no way she wasn't going to get a huge payout for its third installment. Plus, Snow White and the Huntsman was a big hit despite the behind-the-scenes shenanigans with her director, Rupert Sanders. All that moola should comfort her during her split from Robert Pattinson, especially since he didn't make the list at all. Nyah-nyah! Here's the entire list:

1. Lady Gaga, $80 million

2. Justin Bieber, $58 million

3. Taylor Swift, $55 million

4. Calvin Harris, $46 million

5. Rihanna, $43 million

6. Katy Perry, $39 million

7. Adele, $30 million

8. Jennifer Lawrence, $26 million

9. Kristen Stewart, $22 million

10. Taylor Lautner, $22 million

Couple of shockers, right? Who the HELL is Calvin Harris? Apparently he is a famous Scottish DJ who also dates Rob Kardashian's ex, Rita Ora. Who knew DJs were raking it in like that these days?! It helps that he also writes hit songs for megacelebs like Rihanna.

Taylor Lautner?! You can thank Twilight for that. Plus he had a good payday with his first big lead role in Abduction. But it tanked, so his payday just went down. Sorry, Taylor.

Jennifer Lawrence? Thank whatever she got for The Hunger Games sequel, NOT her Oscar winning performance in low budget Silver Linings Playbook.

Justin Bieber may be getting more press for his bad boy antics, but he still sells out stadiums everywhere. But for how long, that's the question.

Congratulations to everyone on the list. Please donate to your favorite charities! And don't forget your taxes.


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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Karen Cagle

good for KS and Taylor

Sylviamo Sylviamo

Good job kristen way to go goodluck always fuck love make money frist love will come when its time for you. It will come dont worry.

Barbara Coleman

 I'm sure Rob is not worried about Kristen  being one of the highest paid actors under 30. I sure as hell wouldn't be if I was, young, gifted and rich as all " GET OUT ' like he is. I am sure he don't have any money worries. I am sure Rob wishes Taylor and Kristen well and congrats. to then both. Rob fans always got his back, on matter what. !!!! YOU ALREADY KNOW.

Ashlee Bee

kristen is not a horrible actor, however she's not the best either. and how the fuck do you not know who calvin harris is? stop blogging

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